Experts on wildfires

Wildfires, also called wildland fires, are unplanned, uncontrolled blazes that consume large swaths of natural terrain, like forests, plains, and prairies. Causing billions of dollars in damage each year around the world, wildfires are a threat to property (particularly at the wildland-urban interface), their atmospheric emissions are a threat to health, and the runoff that can follow fires can pollute waterways. In many areas, climate change has led to more widespread, more frequent, and more severe wildfires. WPI is known internationally for its research on wildfires.

WPI’s experts on wildfires can talk about:

We are home to the first-in-nation fire protection engineering program and only one of three in the U.S. and our experts on fire protection engineering can speak to the cutting-edge research underway.

Read our explainer on wildfires.

Shichao Liu
  • Assistant Professor Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Liu’s research focuses on built and urban environment, occupant-building-environment interaction, and integrated design for sustainable and healthy buildings. ... View Profile
Ali S. Rangwala
  • Professor Fire Protection Engineering
Professor Rangwala's research interests include problems related to industrial fire and explosions. ... View Profile
Albert Simeoni
  • Professor and Department Head Fire Protection Engineering
Professor Albert Simeoni is a renowned expert in wildfires. His research focuses on the unusual or poorly understood fire behavior that leads to high impact on people and property. ... View Profile
James Urban
  • Assistant Professor Fire Protection Engineering
Professor Urban's research is focused on the physical processes controlling whether or not flammable material ignites and then understanding how it burns. ... View Profile