Experts on fuel cells

Fuel cells convert a fuel, usually hydrogen, into electricity using an electrochemical process. When fueled by hydrogen, fuel cells produce only water and heat as byproducts, making them a relatively green source of energy (relatively, since the majority of hydrogen currently used in fuel cells is derived from natural gas). Fuel cells could help lower greenhouse gas emissions by serving as powerplants for cars and other vehicles, where they offer longer ranges and quicker refueling than electric vehicles. Among other topics, WPI experts on fuel cells can talk about new ways to design more efficient fuel cells and emerging applications for fuel cells.

Ravindra Datta
  • Affiliate Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Datta's work spans decades of applying the principles of kinetics, catalysis, and reaction engineering to energy challenges. ... View Profile
Jianyu Liang
  • Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Liang’s research explores the physics of interfaces between the nanometer and micron scales. ... View Profile
Adam Clayton Powell
  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Powell focuses his research on validated mathematical modeling of metal process development for clean energy and energy efficiency. ... View Profile