Experts on gender

Gender, and gender identity, can be a focus of research in a broad range of fields, as evidenced by the WPI researchers who make gender a part of their research interests. Meet WPI experts on gender who approach the topic from the perspective of the humanities and arts, U.S. history, social psychology, and computer science, among other disciplines. For example, their expertise has informed research and provided perspectives on gender bias in social settings, in computer programming, and team-based project work at WPI.

Kristin Boudreau
  • Professor Humanities & Arts
Professor Boudreau's research in literature, culture, and education is unified by broad concerns for justice, inclusion, and social progress. ... View Profile
Lindsay Greer Davis
  • Assistant Professor of Teaching Humanities & Arts
Professor Davis is a scholar of 20th century U.S. history, focusing specifically on topics of race, gender, legal history, and critical prison studies. ... View Profile
Eleanor Loiacon WPI
Eleanor T. Loiacono
  • Sponsored Guest The Business School
Eleanor T. Loiacono is a Professor of Management Information Systems at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. ... View Profile
Jeanine LM Skorinko
  • Professor- Social Science Social Science & Policy Studies
Professor Skorinko investigates social factors that influence our attitudes, decisions, and interactions. This includes factors such as stigmas, stereotypes, culture, and perspective taking. ... View Profile
Gillian Margaret Smith
  • Associate Professor-Computer Science Computer Science
Professor Smith is an award-winning game designer. ... View Profile
Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
  • Associate Professor of Teaching The Global School
Professor Stoddard is a human-environment geographer who is interested in the intersection of nature, society, and social justice. ... View Profile