Experts on hydrogen

Hydrogen, the simplest and most abundant element in the universe, is useful in a number of industrial applications, can be used as a fuel in liquid-fueled rockets, and could be a source of clean electricity in fusion power plants, which are currently being developed. When consumed in fuel cells, hydrogen can also be a relatively green source of energy for cars and other vehicles (relatively, since the majority of hydrogen currently used in fuel cells is derived from natural gas). Among other topics, WPI experts on hydrogen can talk about new, cleaner ways to produce hydrogen, including catalytic membranes and new materials that improve electrolysis, or the splitting of water molecules.

Ravindra Datta
  • Affiliate Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Datta's work spans decades of applying the principles of kinetics, catalysis, and reaction engineering to energy challenges. ... View Profile
Brajendra Mishra
  • Kenneth G. Merriam Professor, Director, MPI & Donald M. Zwiep Distinguished Fellow Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Mishra focuses on the improvement in resource productivity and environmental stewardship through process and product development of materials using recovery and recycling, introducing advanced alloys and life-extension by corrosion and surface ... View Profile
Yu Zhong
  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
  ... View Profile