Experts on recycling

Recycling benefits the natural world by reducing the waste stream and by recovering materials that can be put to use to make new products, lessening the need to extract raw materials from the environment. WPI is a leader in research and development on the recovery, recycling, and reuse of materials throughout the manufacturing process. WPI experts on recycling can address recycling metals (including the reuse of metals on the battlefield), recycling lithium-ion batteries, and the use of robotics in recycling, among other topics. Students at WPI work to develop robotic technology that can assist workers at recycling centers.

Berk Calli
  • Assistant Professor Robotics Engineering
Professor Calli's main research focus is robotic manipulation and its applications in various domains such as waste recycling, assistive feeding, within-hand manipulation. ... View Profile
Paul P. Mathisen
  • Associate Professor and Dir. of Sustainability Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
As WPI’s Director of Sustainability and a professor of environmental engineering, Paul Mathisen studies and works to promote sustainability, especially in the areas of water, energy, transportation, and waste management. ... View Profile
Brajendra Mishra
  • Kenneth G. Merriam Distinguished Professor, Director, MPI & Donald M. Zwiep Distinguished Fellow Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Mishra focuses on the improvement in resource productivity and environmental stewardship through process and product development of materials using recovery and recycling, introducing advanced alloys and life-extension by corrosion and surface ... View Profile
Yan Wang
Yan Wang
  • Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Wang's research is in the field of fundamental electrochemistry and electrochemistry-based technologies, including battery materials, manufacturing, safety, design and recycling, solid state batteries, and electrolysis. ... View Profile