Experts on solar energy

Sunlight is an abundant source of energy; in fact, the energy that reaches the Earth from the sun each day greatly exceeds all other forms of energy combined. With advances in materials and other technologies, the cost of solar energy has steadily dropped, making it increasingly competitive with other types of electricity generation. This and the fact that solar is a renewable energy source has led to a dramatic increase in solar electricity generation in the United States, from 0.54 billion kilowatt hours in 2001 to 114.7 billion kilowatt hours in 2021. WPI experts in solar energy can talk about the development of new materials for solar photovoltaics and how solar and other renewables can help combat climate change, among other topics.

Carrick McAfee Eggleston
  • Professor & Department Head Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Eggleston's research is focused on natural materials and how they interact with the environment in which we live. ... View Profile
Pratap M. Rao
  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Rao's research is aimed at discovering, understanding and developing advanced materials for a range of applications, including solar energy conversion, catalysis, printed electronics, sensors, and functional coatings. ... View Profile