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Experts on gene expression

Gene expression is the process by which information coded in a cell’s DNA is converted into functional products—most often the proteins needed for all aspects of life. Among other topics, scientists who study gene expression are interested in how the process is regulated by cells, what happens when gene expression goes wrong, and how gene expression can be hijacked by disease-causing bacteria and viruses. WPI experts on gene expression can speak on gene expression’s role in cell division in tumors and in infectious diseases like tuberculosis, how changes in gene expression help some bacteria survive stressful conditions, and gene expression in synthetic biology.

Robert E. Dempski

Professor Dempski's lab focuses on biomedically relevant proteins at the cell's surface. Dysfunction of these proteins results in diseases such as pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer's. In addition, we are building... Read More

Tanja  Dominko
Tanja Dominko
Professor-Biological Science
Biology & Biotechnology

Professor Dominko's research focuses on stem cell biology, nuclear reprogramming and gene expression, epigenetics, regenerative biology and stem cell niche. Her lab investigates the molecular basis of phenotype switching... Read More

Natalie  Farny
Natalie Farny
Assistant Professor- Biology & Biotechnology
Biology & Biotechnology

Professor Farny is a broadly trained cell and molecular biologist with an interest in the emerging field of synthetic biology. She is currently integrating these interests to pursue research in two key areas: 1) Using... Read More

Amity L. Manning

Professor Manning’s research focuses on defining the cellular mechanisms that maintain genome stability in normal cells and understanding how those pathways are corrupted in cancer cells. Using a combination of molecular and... Read More

Suzanne Frances Scarlata

Professor Scarlata's work seeks to understand how hormones and neurotransmitters lead to changes in the growth, division, and shape of cells such as cardiac myocytes (heart muscle cells). She is particularly interested in... Read More

Scarlet  Shell
Scarlet Shell
Associate Professor-Biological Science
Biology & Biotechnology

Much of Professor Shell's research centers around tuberculosis. She studies the stress response mechanisms that allow mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis to survive the conditions encountered during human... Read More

Eric Mosher Young

Prof. Young is an expert in yeast, genetic engineering and synthetic biology. His research uses machine learning, directed evolution, gene editing, metabolic engineering, and genetic circuits to make yeast cell factories for... Read More