Merit Shines

Show Your Merit
February 10, 2014

WPI is proud of its students. Not just in a mom sort of way, but in a back-slapping, hang-a-neon-award-around-your-neck sort of way.  The thing is, the university is not just sitting around bragging about it. They’re shouting it from the rooftops—with the help of Merit.

The university is now using Merit, the flagship software made by readMedia, which creates media databases specifically for the over 500 colleges and universities that use their services, in order to garner attention for their students’ achievements in local and national media outlets. WPI uses this system to alert media of any exceptional student awards, accomplishments, or otherwise noteworthy successes.

“Our students are doing great things, and we want the media aware of their more notable achievements and awards,” says PR coordinator Cheryl Sullivan.


Now it’s even easier for WPI students to share news of their progress and success.

Each student’s essential information has been entered into Merit’s online system, creating individual web pages for each student. Once those pages are established, Merit sends out an email (see sidebar) alerting students to “claim” their Merit student page.

Once in the system, students may “claim ownership” of their page, and can then update and personalize their information. Photos, accolades and awards, clubs and work experience—all may be added to each individual’s page. WPI has created set “badges” for particular items of note, such as Dean’s List, Great Problems Seminars, and other noted achievements that mark a student’s time at WPI.

Students then use their Merit pages to share on their social networks, or even email to their family and friends back home.

“The system is targeted and focused, and it provides us with proven results,” shares Sullivan. Spreading the news of successful students is not only a boost for the reputation of WPI on both local and national levels, but is an added tool for students when looking for work upon graduation. “Prospective employers are looking at Merit pages,” says Sullivan, “this is one extra proof point for them that their potential employee is poised for success.”


STUDENTS: – Claim your pages and make them shine with your WPI accomplishments.

FACULTY: Share with WPI’s PR staff all the awards and accolades your students have earned, so they can be added to their Merit pages.

In the end, our university is only as good as our students. Through the use of Merit, WPI hopes to showcase just how good we are.

Hey, students … wondering about that Merit email a few weeks ago? Here’s what it says:

Hi [Name], welcome to Merit!

WPI knows that you are doing great things, everyday. We want you to get recognition for your achievements. We use Merit to publish stories about your accomplishments. These achievements will appear on and are designed to showcase your success, like making the Dean’s list, participating in a club activity, landing an internship, or studying abroad

Now that we have created a Merit page for you, you should claim your page and add a picture, academic activities, and additional work experience. Having a collection of college achievements will benefit you as you move forward in your academic career and later on when you seek employment. If you have any questions, please contact

We are proud to have you as a student and we can’t wait to publicize your success!