The Month in Photos: March 2023

April 21, 2023

We marched on through the third month of 2023, which included everything from athletics accomplishments and renaissance fairs to the Black Greek Life Showcase and a talent show that proved yet again why WPI students, faculty, and staff really are the GOAT. Check it all out in the latest iteration of the Month in Photos.

Name CriticalConvo_LGTB_Mar23_12.jpg

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni weighed in on how the WPI community can better support queer students as part of the latest Critical Conversation forum, “LGBTQIA+ Enhancing Community, Building Belonging.”


WIN grant winners pose with their celebratory checks.

The Women’s Impact Network lived up to its name last month, creating impact through the distribution of grants supporting women of all disciplines to flourish as future leaders.



In keeping with the timeless motto “If you build it, they will come,” the LEGO Club built a model of PracticePoint for its open house event.


A WPI softball player stretches to make a play at first base.

Talk about a play at the plate (or in this case, first base)—the softball team rounded out the month with two victories in a doubleheader against Worcester State.



Students joined Gompei in exploring the PracticePoint facility, making use of MRIs and X-ray equipment for projects, curiosity, and just plain fun.


Members of the Step Team perform during the Black Greek Life Showcase.

Students who attended the Black Greek Life Showcase didn’t only have the chance to learn more about Black Greek Life on campus; they also got to enjoy a performance by WPI’s very own Step Team.



Bringing good luck and fortune to all, the Worcester Southeast Asian Coalition performed its signature lion dance on campus during the latest Wellness Day.



Hail-fellow-well-met! We embraced the second annual Renaissance Fair hosted by the Society of Medieval Arts & Sciences and other noble clubs across campus.



Among hectic schedules and busy project requirements, we’ve always found time to celebrate our community on the Arts & Sciences' Day of Scholarship and Excellence—this time with presentations and snacks.



Who says engineers can’t be creative? On top of the brilliant work done by students every day, we wrapped up the month with a phenomenal talent show featuring students, faculty, and staff.


A pitcher on the WPI baseball teams prepares to pitch.

Buy us some Gompei’s Goat Cheese and Cracker Jack—the baseball team swept the doubleheader with Saint Joseph’s of Maine at the New England Baseball Complex.


By Evans Owusu