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The Month in Photos: August 2019

September 9, 2019

Our word of the month? “New.” New campus updates, new classes, new students—see how August played out through the lenses of our talented staff photographers with the latest Month in Photos.

Three students work on a robotics project together. One is holding a laptop, another is adjusting a part of the robot, and the third is overlooking the project.

Just because classes weren’t in session didn’t mean the campus was quiet. Hundreds of kids from all over joined us to participate in camps focused on everything from robotics and video games to sports and physics.


Two students work on laptops in the Data Science Innovation Lab, the WPI seal on a red wall behind them.

Still trying to narrow down a major? With the addition of an undergraduate degree in data science, WPI became one of only a handful of schools in the nation to offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in this rapidly growing field.


Two students carry in plastic tubs of clothes during Move-In Day.

You know how nobody knows the exact number of pi? Well, the same can be said for the amount of students, faculty, and staff who welcomed over 1,000 new students to campus for move-in day on Sunday, August 18.

If we had to guess, though? It was a lot.


A close-up photo of the new mail stations in the Rubin Campus Center.

We love a good glow-up as much as the next person, and campus had one of its own while the students were away. Check out how things have changed.


Students and staff gather around a table during one of the Office of Multicultural Affairs' welcome events. A variety of pride flags are hanging on the wall in the background.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs hosted welcome events for female students, students of color, and LGBTQIA+ students.


Senior members of the women's soccer team stand together in front of the goal.

The seniors on the women's soccer team were all business as they gathered for a photo on the annual Media Day.


Students in the Society for Medieval Arts & Sciences share their boffer weapons and moves during the Student Activities Fair.

Who said college isn’t just all fun and games? (Okay, okay, maybe it’s not, but with over 230 clubs and organizations to choose from, it’s definitely not all classes and labs, either.)


Students sit on the steps in the Foisie Innovation Studio to participate in a Mario Kart competition broadcast on the screen.

New students took a break from the whirlwind of NSO for some Mario Kart inside the Foisie Innovation Studio, making Rainbow Road look easy.


New undergraduate students gather for a group photo with Gompei on Boynton Hill following the Earle Bridge crossing.

Who’s got ice cream, striped beanies, and freshly printed Tech Bibles? These new undergrads! They closed out NSO with the renowned Earle Bridge crossing tradition.


Randy Paffenroth shares some of his research with two computer screens behind him.

Associate professor of mathematical sciences, computer science, and data science Randy Paffenroth is combining cutting-edge machine learning with 19th-century math to make NASA spacecraft lighter and more damage tolerant. Talk about "back to the future."


An overhead photo of graduate students crossing Earle Bridge, which is lined by faculty, staff, and current students.

Graduate students participated in a bridge crossing of their own, enjoying the welcomes from humans and goats alike as they kicked off their WPI journeys.


Mark Calnan (center) dribbles the soccer ball past two opposing players in blue uniforms.

It didn't take long for the men's soccer team to get back in the swing of things—they kicked off the season with a 4-0 win over Worcester State.


An aerial shot of campus with the Quad as the central focus.

What’s the weather like up there?


The entire Class of 2023 arranges themselves in a giant "23" on the Quad.

They’re not just published authors, junior Olympians, and Rubik’s Cube masters—they’re also crazy coordinated. WPI, meet the Class of 2023.