Recycle Electronics

Student Green Team to hold E-Waste Drive for unwanted electronics on Wednesday • How about an easy, safe, and environmentally friendly means of disposing of unwanted electronics – at no cost? Participate in WPI’s 4th Annual E-Waste Drive, sponsored by the Student Green Team and the Department of Facilities.
April 07, 2015


“Electronics waste contains materials such as metals, glass, and plastics that can be recycled and used again in new products,” says Liz Tomaszewski, facilities systems manager. “When not disposed of properly, however, some of those materials can create problems in landfills after time and decomposition.

“So, while it may just seem like we are throwing away some plastic and wiring, the end result could eventually lead to contamination of soil or water supplies because of elements like barium, cadmium, lead, and mercury used in the products. The more we recycle now, the fewer problems we will have in the future.”

The Student Green Team and the Department of Facilities Will Hold E-Waste Drive on Wednesday, April 8, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Quad. This event will be held rain or shine.

The Green Team offers a delivery service for those people who can’t bring their electronics to the Quad. If you need their service, please fill out this form. They do not charge a fee, but will accept tips to support their efforts on campus.

The Green Team and Facilities are partnering with Allied Computer Brokers, who will help collect and responsibly recycle the electronics.