January 27, 2014

Looking to reserve equipment for your next lecture, seminar, event, or staff meeting? The Academic Technology Center, located in Fuller Labs, Room 117, has made the whole experience more user-friendly and accessible, as part of an upgrade of their reservation software.

According to Steve Hemming, manager of Campus Media Services, at the beginning of the academic year the Patron Initiated Reservation (PIR) feature of the WPI equipment reservation system was launched, enabling students, faculty, and staff to make their own A/V reservations online. “Our goal is to provide an online reservation option to members of WPI that they can use 24/7, for their ease and flexibility, rather than having to do business solely during our office hours.” While reservations can still be made by email, phone, or in person, the ATC hopes that this new online reservation service will make securing the proper equipment easier and more convenient.

Not all equipment in the ATC inventory is currently available to be reserved online, as some items require a degree of training before they can be signed out. That said, it is the hope of the ATC that as the WPI community becomes increasingly familiar with PIR, more items—and eventually the entire inventory—will be added.

(Items not available in PIR can be found HERE).


“The Academic Technology Department (ATC) now gives you the ability to make your own Audio/Visual (A/V) equipment reservations for our most commonly requested items. Go to http://users.wpi.edu/~jcotnoir/pir/login.html, read the information on the landing page, and login using your WPI username and password. Once you login, you will find operating instructions in the User’s Guide.  We plan to add more equipment that can be reserved online soon. To see the complete list of our equipment, go to http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/ATC/Equipment/inventory.html.Let us know what you think of our new online reservation system.  We welcome your feedback.