Professor Yan Wang will participate in consortium on hydrogen recycling

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Tapped as a Partner in a Groundbreaking Hydrogen Recycling Consortium

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March 15, 2024

Worcester Polytechnic Institute will be part of a newly announced consortium aimed at advancing sustainability and innovation within the hydrogen industry. The Hydrogen Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Recycling Consortium (H2CIRC) will be led by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and supported by a $50 million federal grant over five years, with a goal of clean hydrogen production while solidifying American leadership in the sector.

As a member of the consortium, WPI’s work will be led by Yan Wang, William B. Smith Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering and a trailblazer in the materials recovery sector. WPI will focus on developing the recycling process for fuel cells and electrolyzers.

“Our institute's longstanding commitment to sustainability and our deep-rooted expertise in clean technologies uniquely position us to help accelerate this crucial endeavor,” said Wang. “The ultimate success of the collective research will significantly lower the energy intensity, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall environmental impact required for manufacturing fuel cells and electrolyzers.”

In addition to WPI, H2CIRC includes partners across the value chain of electrolyzers and fuel cells, such as the University of Delaware, Plug Power, The Chemours Company, Cummins, Johnson Matthey, Nel Hydrogen, Heraeus Precious Metals and General Motors, LLC. The consortium aims to develop innovative solutions that will significantly reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production while enhancing environmental sustainability.

For more information about H2CIRC and WPI's involvement, please visit the AIChE website.