December 19, 2019

2019 was a busy year for WPI news. The university continues to garner media coverage from cutting-edge research coming out of our labs to stories that warm the heart, challenge our culture, make us think, and demonstrate what it means to have an impact. Here is some of the media coverage we received from major news outlets this past year.





  • The Atlantic reported on software developed by Andrew Trapp to match refugees to U.S. communities.
  • The BBC reported on student research into drone and rover technology that could be used to locate and destroy landmines.
  • The New York Times highlighted work that Jeanine Skorinko has done examining sexual stereotypes applied to women drinking alcohol in social settings.
  • National Public Radio interviewed Pamela Weathers on whether wormwood tea might ward off the worms that cause schistosomiasis.
  • WCVB, Boston’s ABC affiliate, turned its cameras on Christopher Brown and his students for their athletic shoe designed to reduce ACL injuries.


Experts Weigh In


  • The New York Times highlighted WPI in an article about study abroad with a focus on our distinctive Global Projects Program.
  • President Leshin was interviewed several times for news stories about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, including by NBC Boston and The Boston Globe.
  • Venice Project Center Director Fabio Carrera was featured in a Guardian story about the pressure tourism is putting on the city.
  • The New York Times front page, investigative piece on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire included information from Albert Simeoni.
  • The Associated Press interviewed Marco Kaltofen about the dangers of mining waste in Brazil.



  • Craig Shue contributed to the opinion piece, “Should Cities Ever Pay Ransom to Hackers?” in the Wall Street Journal. 
  • The Miami Herald published an op-ed by Renata Konrad, “Fighting Sex Trafficking Is Everyone’s Job.”
  • The Hartford Courant published an op-ed by Eleanor Loiacono about the need to better integrate neurodiverse people into society.
  • Audubon spoke with Jennifer Wilcox about her research on capturing carbon to reverse-engineer climate change.
  • A research team including Berk Sunar and PhD candidate Daniel Moghimi shed light on vulnerabilities found in millions of computer chips for The Register.


Human Interest


  • With WPI listed #25 in the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts, President Leshin shared some advice to young women in The Boston Globe Magazine.
  • The Boston Globe columnist Thomas Farragher wrote about Jack Duffy-Protentis ’20, who is legally blind but isn’t letting his disability get in his way of becoming a mechanical engineer.
  • The Conversation published an article written by Angela Incollingo Rodriguez, whose research suggests that nearly two-thirds of pregnant and postpartum women experience some form of weight stigma.
  • WBUR interviewed Ulkuhan Guler about a new wireless sensor to monitor newborn babies, which was inspired in part by her personal experience.
  • The Telegram & Gazette reported on a student-developed app that provides substance abuse recovery and mental health resources in Worcester.

2019 brought WPI’s innovative research, analysis, and human interest to the forefront through media coverage. In 2020, stay tuned for more exciting WPI news. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WPI news.