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We have designed this page with specific information for all new incoming and transfer undergraduate students. We hope you find this information helpful.

Workday Student

Workday Student - Nelnet Payment Plan - Tuition Insurance

     Students will see a Finances worklet on their Workday home page with account and billing access, as well as links to the Student Financial Aid portal, Nelnet, Flywire,  student health insurance, etc.  

     Student eBills are now dynamic and will be in Workday. Students may view or download their semester eBill by semester.  

     Third parties can make ACH payments in Workday (no fee) through the Finances for Third Party worklet. 

     How students can set up Friends and Family and how third parties can access Workday: 


Students can also authorize third parties to use Nelnet to make credit card payments and set up payment plans. 

How to access Nelnet, make payments, and set up payment plans: 

Tuition Insurance 

Protect your tuition payments before classes begin. Tuition Insurance can reimburse your non-refundable tuition and housing costs if you need to leave school for a covered illness, injury, and more. Please visit GradGuard for a free quote and to learn more.

Electronic Bills - WPI will send an email  when your Student eBill is available to view in Workday, each semester, July for Fall and December for the Spring.  Payment is due in mid-August for Fall and January 2nd for Spring.  A notice will be sent to you through Workday when a new eBill is issued, or when a balance is due. 

Student Health Insurance - Student Health insurance is billed each Fall. All students must elect to purchase or waive the health insurance; each Fall semester. The waiver site is not available until the eBill  notice is sent in July.   You must complete the waiver by September 1st or you will be automatically enrolled in coverage and responsible to pay for the charge.

Parents/Authorized User Access - Students may set up "Friends and Family" to access their Student eBill and remit payment. 

Payment Options  - WPI offers various options to pay for your student account balance please see this link for details  

Scholarships/Outside Aid - Please report any outside aid to our office using our online form. Please be sure to email a copy of the award letter to Please mail scholarship checks to the Bursar's Office.

Student refunds - Go green with us - enroll in eRefund (direct deposit) through Workday if you expect to receive a refund for a credit balance on your student account.