<a href="/people/staff/pclay">Philip Clay</a>

Philip Clay

Vice President for Student Affairs
Office: Rubin Campus Center, 228
Phone: 508-831-5507
Philip Clay has worked in student affairs for 34 years; he currently serves as vice president for student affairs at WPI.  With the dean of undergraduate studies, he works to ensure an appropriate balance and synergy between academic and student life.  He oversees a wide array of services and programs designed to support WPI’s 6,500 full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students including International Student Life; Residential and Dining Services; Rubin Campus Center and Foisie Innovation Studio, Fraternities and Sororities; Health Services; Student Development and Counsel ... View Profile
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Bernice Lisk

Bernice Lisk

Executive Assistant
Office: Rubin Campus Center
Phone: 508-831-6006
I enjoy working with many different people on campus and assisting students and their families with questions and concerns about all aspects of student life at WPI.   As a mother of two sons who have been through college, I can understand the frustrations, anxiety, and emotions associated with college life.  WPI offers a strong support system for students and families.  It is my pleasure to be a part of such a caring, nurturing environment.  View Profile
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Jim McLaughlin

James McLaughlin

Asst Dean of Stud Prgs/Dir, CC
Office: Rubin Campus Center
Phone: 508-831-6821
Jim serves as the director of the Rubin Campus Center and the Foisie Innovation Studio, which involves providing direction and leadership for the programs, services and student staffing within these two major campus arenas. As a member of the Dean of Students staff, Jim assists with many aspects of the New Student Orientation and Commencement Programs, and all Goats Head Programming initiatives. Jim is always available to assist members of the WPI community, and looks forward to assisting you as needed.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/cmorse">Charles Morse</a> alt
Charlie Morse

Charles Morse

Assoc Dean/Dir Counseling
Office: 157 West Street
Phone: 508-831-5540
Charlie has been with the SDCC since 1993 and assumed the role of Director of Counseling in 2005. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), with a MA in Counseling Psychology from Assumption College. Charlie works directly with students and also oversees WPI’s innovative training and consultation programs on recognizing and responding to student distress.  He has an expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which helps students move towards their values with openness and acceptance. ... View Profile
Emily Perlow

Emily Perlow

Assistant Dean of Students
Student Affairs
Office: Campus Center, 2nd Fl
Phone: +1-508-831-5060
The holistic WPI experience, both inside and outside the classroom, is a phenomenal learning laboratory that can prepare students for their future lives as leaders and citizens. At WPI, students have the opportunity to take risks, try new skills and opportunities, and to learn from them. The spirit of collaboration, value for student input, and culture of innovation makes WPI a place where students can build meaningful relationships with students, faculty, and staff who share their passions and interests. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/gsnoddy">Gregory Snoddy</a> alt
Gregory A. Snoddy

Gregory Snoddy

Asst VP & Dean of Students
Office: Rubin Campus Center
Phone: 508-831-5800
Greg serves as the chief conduct officer for WPI, and works with students and parents to help ensure their academic and social success at WPI. He works closely with undergraduate students across their four years at WPI, and serves as the Student Affairs liaison with graduate students. Greg is actively involved with planning the spring commencement week series of events, and helping students transition to the next step in their lifelong journey.   View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/atrimmer">Andrea Trimmer</a> alt
Andrea Trimmer

Andrea Trimmer

Information Analyst
Office: Rubin Campus Center
Andrea serves as a liaison between the Student Affairs Division, IT resources, and the WPI Unified Digital Campus (UDC) project teams. In this role, Andrea works as part of a campus-wide team of Information Analysts by assisting in the design, development, testing and integration of IT tools, applications and products. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/cwall">Casey Wall</a>

Casey Wall

Assistant Dean / Director of Residential Services
Residential Services
Office: East Hall
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers As Assistant Dean of Students I support the student experience in a variety of ways: I provide leadership in the area of capital planning for the physical spaces on campus managed by the Division of Student Affairs. Through this work, I aim to provide an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all students across campus. Additionally, I am responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for the Division and work in partnership with wonderful colleagues from a variety of offices in this regard. ... View Profile