Safety Policy on Age Appropriate Activities for Minors

Policy on Children and Unauthorized Personnel in Hazardous Environments

Issued: April 2002

Revised: February 2019

  Safety Policy on Age Appropriate Activities for Minors

Massachusetts State Law does not allow youth under the age of 14 to work in hazardous occupations. Youth, ages 14 - 17, may be permitted to be employed, or volunteer on campus provided that all of the conditions in Part A and B of this document are met and volunteer work meets with HR Labor Relations requirements. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that additional Department Head, EHS, and Human Resource approvals are received and safe work conditions are followed, with regards to minors. 


Part A ‐ Training and Supervision Guidelines

·         Supervisors are responsible for the safety of minors while they are on the premises.

·         Youth, ages 14 - 17, must be supervised at all times.

·         Youth, ages 14 - 17, must attend appropriate Safety Training prior to the first day of assignment.

·         Youth, ages 14 - 17, who are paid by WPI must comply with all requirements for being employed on the limited duration payroll, including, but not limited to, completing an I‐9 within 3 days of hire, and, further, adhere to all policies applicable to limited duration employees. 

·         Youth, ages 14 - 17, who are volunteers (unpaid) are not considered WPI employees and ALL volunteer activities must be approved through HR to ensure compliance with current labor laws. Youth must have a completed parental release and consent form prior to the first day of work. 


Part B ‐ Task Restrictions

Regardless of the level of supervision and training, youth ages 14 - 17, shall not be permitted to work in the immediate area where potential exposure to the following hazards exist:

·         Acutely Toxic Chemicals 

·         Biological Toxins

·         Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)

·         Carcinogens, Mutagens, Teratogens

·         Class 3b or 4 Lasers (fully enclosed lasers are not included in this restriction)

·         Controlled Substances

·         Dangerous current or high voltage

·         Power Tools/Machinery

·         Radiation Exposures

·         Reactive Chemicals (explosives, pyrophoric, water reactive, peroxide formers, etc.) 

·         Reproductive Toxins/Hazards

·         Risk Group 3 & 4 Pathogens

·         Select Agents 


Exceptions for Enrolled Students and Summer/Academic Program Participants

This policy does not apply to youth enrolled at WPI as a student.   Minors attending summer programs, organized events, or tours for recruitment purposes are exempt from Part A only.  Tours must be conducted with permission of the Department Head or designee. The supervisor shall be responsible for proper supervision and provide appropriate personal protective equipment for visitors including, at a minimum, eye protection devices. Tours must be supervised at all times while on the premises. 






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