University Policies

Alcohol Alcohol service on campus must follow strict rules including have a campus police detail present.

Alcohol Service (PDF) 

Alcohol Regulations (PDF) 

External Speakers/Performers All external speakers and performers must be approved prior to your event. External Speaker Policy (PDF) 
Conference Services Contract An example of a contract for a conference hosted by an external client. Program Services Contract (PDF)
Participation of Minors Any event including minors will need to follow some additional protocols. Participation of Minors in WPI Programming (PDF)
Potlucks Potlucks are not allowed on campus.
Grilling Grilling can take place in certain areas on campus following certain rules.
Food Trucks Food trucks should be limited to no more than two on the Quad whenever possible. Food Trucks at WPI Events (PDF)


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Fax: 508-831-6352