About WPI Students


WPI students are eager to learn, and are quick to use the skills they’ve been taught in the classroom to work effectively in teams and think creatively to come up with real solutions to real problems.

Our unique approach to education, known as the WPI Plan, requires students to immerse themselves in hands-on coursework from day one. Because they undertake significant project work during each of their four years of study, they’re prepared to collaborate with their peers and have the skills and confidence to dive right into the workplace after graduation.

Project Based Learning

Students solve real-world problems and perform meaningful research from their first days on campus.  Undergraduates complete at least two substantive term-long projects, focused on solving real problems in a team.  At the same time, graduate students are breaking ground on cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art campus laboratories and centers. 

Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)
  • Small teams of students from different majors address a specific problem for a sponsoring agency that connects science and technology with social issues and human need - oftentimes completed off campus at a global project center.
Major Qualifying Project (MQP)
  • Through this capstone research experience, students prove their ability to translate theory into practice in their major field.  They define a problem, immerse themselves in understanding every aspect, and develop a novel solution. These projects are often sponsored by industry partners. 

Employers are encouraged to sponsor student projects to get an up-close view of our students’ work and professional competency, as well as make connections with the rest of the student body. To learn more, contact the Director of Corporate Partnerships at 508-831- 5260.

WPI Data Dashboards

The interactive Tableau Data Dashboards display WPI's institutional data on admissions, enrollment, completions, benchmarking, and more! Dashboards can be downloaded as an image or PDF for use in reporting. 

Outcomes & Salary Data

The Career Development Center (CDC) is pleased to present the WPI First Destination Outcomes Report for the Class of 2019 including all degree levels, following standards set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).  The success rate for bachelor’s degree graduates was 91% and was 92% for all degree levels combined.  The average reported starting salary for bachelor’s degree graduates increased in 2020 to $72,951 with a knowledge rate of about 85%.  Please check out the report to see these numbers broken down by degree level and major. 


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