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The Committee on Advising and Student Life (CASL) consists of six elected Faculty Members, two undergraduate students, one graduate student, a representative of the Provost’s Office, and, ex officio, the Director of Academic Advising, and the Dean of Student Life.

CASL is responsible for:

  • the continuing development of the student advisory and counseling programs;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the programs;
  • evaluating current practices in the areas of (a) student environment; (b) residential advising systems; and (c) extracurricular activities as they affect the academic performance of the student body, and recommending changes as appropriate.

CASL helps the Provost and the Trustees’ Committee on Academic Policy and Student Affairs form the award committee for the Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Teaching.

If you have questions or comments for CASL, email the CASL chair.

Committee Members, Minutes, & Reports