Bank-Provided Services

Our local bank provides the following payment options to WPI departments for business-related purposes. If you have any questions or would like to request any of these services, please contact Michelle Pickett at +1-508-831-5728 or

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd floor

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payments

If a vendor requests to pay WPI via ACH, they will provide you with an ACH request form. Please forward this form to Michelle Pickett for review and approval. Approved forms will be forwarded from Financial Services to the vendor.

Foreign Checks

There are occasions when an international vendor may request that a check be sent to them in their own currency. Please follow the same procedure as requesting a check payable to a foreign vendor. (Please contact Accounts Payable at +1-508-831-5067 or +1-508-831-5524 with questions regarding how to complete a check request for a foreign vendor.) Please allow three weeks to process this type of request. It is highly recommended that foreign checks be mailed to the vendor via UPS with confirmation of delivery.

Foreign Currency

The Financial Services office is able to obtain foreign currency for international travel, with at least one week’s notice. Your department FOAPAL will be charged at the time of purchase. Upon your return, please return any unused foreign currency, and Financial Services will exchange it and credit your FOAPAL for the U.S. dollar equivalency.  

Teller’s Checks

A teller’s check can be purchased through Financial Services only in a case where other payment methods are not accepted by the vendor.  

Wire Payments

Incoming. WPI accepts payment via wire transfer for domestic and international invoice remittance. Please contact Michelle Pickett at +1-508-831-5728 for wire instructions.  

Outgoing. WPI will pay international vendors via wire transfer in either foreign currency or U.S. dollars. Please complete a Wire Transfer Information Form and submit it with your check request to Accounts Payable.