Frequently Used Finance Forms

These forms can be filled out online and then printed on a networked printer.

Important Note:

On some forms there are boxes in which you can type multiple lines of text—if you type beyond the borders of the box, the text will not appear when the form is printed. You are limited to the confines of the box.

Please note: All phone extensions start with 508-831-.

Form Name Purpose Contact
Accounts Payable AND PROCUREMENT

Employee Expense Report

Employees complete expense report online in Workday, search Create Expense Report. Carl Cempe Ext. 6283
Student Non-Employee Expense Report Exclusively for students who DO NOT have a Workday account for the reimbursement of department projects and travel related expenses.  Complete and print the form and obtain the respective department Manager’s approval.  Scan the completed approved form and all applicable receipts and email to for processing. Note: Employees do not use this form, use Workday to Create Expense Report. Carl Cempe, Ext. 6283
Student Activities Expense Report For reimbursement of Student Activities and Club expenses. Exclusively for students who DO NOT have a Workday account. Complete and print the form and submit with receipts to the Student Treasurer of the organization for approval and then forward to Student Activities Office for approval. Scan the fully approved form and all applicable receipts to for processing. Note: Student employees do not use this form, use Workday to Create Expense Report. Carl Cempe, Ext. 6283
Request for Payment to Student To request payment to a student for awards, stipends and fellowships. Complete and print the form and scan with supporting documentation and email to Note: Submit a form for each student – a list of names attached to one form cannot be processed. Carl Cempe, Ext. 6283
Professional Services Agreement (PSA) (PDF) Complete prior to hiring an independent consultant or contractor Gabe Johnson,
Ext. 4989
Amendment to Professional Services Agreement (APSA) (PDF) To extend or modify an existing IC form Gabe Johnson,
Ext. 4989
Supplier Selection Form (PDF) Required for all purchases $25,000 or greater. Attach to purchase requisition in Workday. Laurie Collela,
Ext. 4922
Supplier Registration Form (PDF) Supplier application to do business with WPI. Complete and attach in Workday to “Create Supplier Request” task. Note: W-9, W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E must be attached. Link to IRS website is included on page 2 of the form. 

Mike Brunelle,
Ext. 6568

Equipment Purchase Site preparation and delivery requirements for new equipment purchases. Laurie Collela,
Ext. 4922
Banner Finance
Banner Finance Access Request Form (PDF) Update fund and org code access in Banner Finance Lauren Martunas,
Ext. 4837

New Fund Request Form (PDF)

New Fund Request Instructions (PDF)

Request the establishment of a new fund code

Instructions for completing the new fund request form

Pat Barrows,
Ext. 5848
Cash / Bank Services
Cash Sale (PDF) For deposits to student organizations. Departmental deposits are made in Workday, search Cash Sale.

Michelle Pickett,
Ext. 5728

Cash Sale Instructions (PDF) Detailed instructions for making a deposit in Workday. Michelle Pickett,
Ext. 5728
Wire Transfer Information Form (PDF) Attach to Supplier Invoice Request task in Workday. Michelle Pickett,
Ext. 5728
Request for PCard & Cardholder Agreement (PDF) Request a PCard and terms of PCard agreement

WPI Procurement Card Guide (PDF) Provides information about the WPI PCard program and details cardholder responsibilities.

Sponsored Programs Accounting
Cost Transfer Form (PDF) To make correcting entries to grant funds Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Cost Transfer Justification Examples (DOC, 13KB) To assist with completing the over 90 day cost transfer & justification form Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Over 90 Day Cost Transfer & Justification Form  To substantiate the transfer of expense to/from a grant >90 days after original charge Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Salary Redistribution Form (PDF) To request reallocation of grant-related payroll expense Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Interdepartmental Transfer/Journal Entry Form (PDF) To make correcting entries to FOAPALs (authorization required by financial managers on all FOAPALs on the entry) Deb Amend,
Ext. 5067