General Counsel

Welcome!  The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is the in-house legal office at WPI.  The OGC is led by WPI’s General Counsel, David Bunis, who also serves as Senior Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation. As WPI’s chief legal officer, he oversees all of the University’s legal affairs. The OGC has a broad mission: To educate the WPI community about the laws, policies and procedures applicable to WPI’s activities; to prevent legal problems and solve those that occur; to facilitate transactions and provide independent, timely advice and representation; and to help WPI’s faculty, administration, staff, and students fulfill their goals in teaching, research, and service.

The Office performs a wide variety of legal services. These include advising WPI officials on regulatory compliance and other legal aspects of their duties; representing the University in litigation before federal and state courts and administrative agencies; advising on issues involving risk management; preparing and negotiating contracts between WPI and other entities; and representing WPI in commercial transactions. The Office also supervises the activities of outside counsel who may be retained to assist with particular matters requiring specialized expertise.   

We invite you to contact us for assistance on matters relating to the Institute’s operations. If you receive any legal documents or notices relating to WPI, such as subpoenas, complaints or notices of legal proceedings or hearings, please forward them to our office immediately.

Location: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-6993
Fax: 508-831-6994

Practice Areas

The matters handled by the OGC encompass a broad spectrum of law practice.  The office’s principal areas of practice are as follows:

Academic Affairs

Alumni Affairs


Business Ventures

Campus Police & Security

Charitable Giving

Commercial Transactions

Communications & Media



Employee Benefits


Environmental Health & Safety

Faculty Matters


Government Regulations

Housing/Residence Life


Information Technology

Institutional Asset Management

Intellectual Property

Labor Relations


Overseas Programs

Private Equity

Real Estate

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management

Sponsored Research

Student Affairs

Technology Transfer

University Policies