Health Insurance and Health Care in the US

Health costs in the United States can add up quickly and are often very expensive if not covered by your health insurance. Health insurance in the US is essential to cover the high cost of hospital and medical expenses. A short stay in the hospital often costs $20000 to $30000. Before making medical decisions be aware of all costs involved and what is included in your health insurance. If you have a spouse and/or children accompanying you, it is essential that you obtain adequate health insurance for your family.

If you are an employee of WPI you will be eligible for certain WPI benefits including health insurance. For more information see the Human Resources website

There are special insurance requirements for those on a J-1 or J-2 Exchange Visitor visa. The following minimum coverage applies: You are required to have insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 per accident or illness, repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000, medical evacuation to your home country in the amount of $50,000, and deductibles that do not exceed $500 per accident or illness. We have information on insurance plans that meet the J visa minimum requirements. If you are on a J visa and are getting your health insurance coverage from WPI, you need to purchase an additional (cheap) insurance to cover repatriation and medical evacuation.

 You have two options for your health care. You can look for a primary care/or family doctor who will take new patients and who accepts your health insurance. You can search on line using for example Healthgrades

Your other option is to utilize what is known as Urgent Care Facilities. Walk-In Clinics and Urgent Care facilities are becoming more and more common and are used for medical issues that arise that require immediate care, but are not serious enough to go to the emergency room. Typically you would visit a Walk-In Clinic or Urgent Care facility if you have a non-life threatening issue but cannot wait to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor.  Some of the closest Walk-In Clinics and Urgent Care Facilities to WPI are:


CareWell Urgent Care

500 Lincoln St, Worcester, MA 01605

Phone: 774-420-2111


ReadyMED Plus Urgent Care

366 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA 01604

Phone: 508-595-2700