Campus Digital Screens – Design Submission

Please use this form if you would prefer to have a slide designed for you. Please allow 2-4 business days for your design to be created and distributed among the campus screens.
If you are designing your own slide, here are some tips to get it in to rotation quickly:
  • Suggested free design tool: Canva
  • You may download our PowerPoint templates via the links below or by accessing the photography portal at and sign in via SSO with your WPI credentials. Navigate the folder on the left-hand side labeled “Campus Screen Designs”. You may also use photos found within the Canto platform to add to your design.
  • All slides must be 1920x1080 pixels or 16x9 aspect ratio (horizontal).
  • Only jpg, jpeg's, or png's will be accepted; always export to the highest quality image available.
  • WPI logos are not necessary.
  • Keep text to a minimum (headline, one supporting sentence, date/time/location), slides should be readable within 12 seconds. Add a short link and/or a QR code if more information is needed
  • QR codes must be black with a white background.
Digital screen designs on campus should follow ADA Compliance rules including:
  • Fonts must be easy to read and WPI’s official fonts are preferred (Myriad Pro and Minion Pro).
  • All slides must follow color guidelines for accessibility, please use the color contrast checker to ensure that your slide passes the requirements: AA Large and AAA Large, the contrast between background and copy must score 5 or higher.
  • QR codes must be black with a white background.
Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: 508-831-5305

To submit your design for review, please use this submission form.

All designs will be carefully reviewed before being forwarded to campus partners. Please understand that each digital sign/screen is managed by different individuals and it’s their discretion to add your design depending on their audience.


Please contact Jacleen LeMay, if you have any questions.