Marketing Communications Resources & Tools


Marketing Communications offers a number of tools, templates, and self-serve resources to help the campus community create unified, branded, and targeted communications for your audiences.  

Not sure what to do or where to find what you need? Look through all the resources and tools on this page and check our CMS Help page. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we will help you. 

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red WPI sign on campus with pink flowers from a blooming tree above

How to Share Your Information

As the subject matter experts in specific areas, members of the WPI community are an essential mechanism in sharing WPI news throughout the community. Marketing Communications will work with you for press and media requests and other stories produced by the division. You can engage with the WPI community by drafting and posting announcements and events to amplify additional news including  

  • news about faculty and student projects, accomplishments, and awards; 
  • conference attendance, participation, or speeches; 
  • book or article publishing;  
  • grant awards;  
  • campus operation advisories; and   
  • new department processes or procedures.  


Tools, Files & Templates You Can Use

Logos & Marks

Download a logo, or request one

Need a logo file for a presentation or report? Download these versions and view the Logo Quick Reference Guide:

WPI Logo in red with color seal

Version 1 (PNG)

WPI logo in all black with black seal

Version 2 (PNG)

Need another file type, including a vector of the logo, or the stacked or wordmark version? Send a request to

University Boilerplate

About Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI is a top-tier STEM-focused research university and a recognized pioneer and global leader in project-based learning. Founded in 1865 on the principle that students learn most effectively by applying the theory learned in the classroom to the practice of solving real-world problems, WPI’s continued mission is to transform lives, turn knowledge into action to confront global challenges, and revolutionize STEM through distinctive and inclusive education, projects, and research.  WPI’s project-based curriculum engages undergraduates in solving important scientific, technological, and societal problems throughout their education and at more than 50 project centers around the world.  Today WPI offers more than 70 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs across 18 academic departments in science, engineering, technology, business, the social sciences, and the humanities and arts. To help address ongoing challenges, improve lives, and help create a more sustainable world, WPI faculty and students pursue groundbreaking research in such areas as the life sciences, smart technologies, materials and manufacturing, and global initiatives.

E-letterhead Template (MS Word)

Screenshot of letterhead template for word documents

Use this template in this way:

  1.  Write your letter
  2. Create a .pdf
  3. Attach it to your email
  4. Send 
Fax Cover Sheet
University PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Template

Screenshot of widescreen powerpoint template, first slide in white

Download widescreen powerpoint template (.pptx) 

How to Create an Outlook Signature
Event Name Tags Template (MS Word)

WPI name tag template sheet with 6 tags

Use this template to create event name tags and print them on your office printer. Compatible with Avery product #5392 (6 name tags per page).

*This template is not yet optimized for the mail merge function, instructions and improved templates to come. Contact for technical assistance.

Brand, Style & Identity Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Not sure when to capitalize a title or location or when to use an apostrophe? When do you need to spell out an acronym? For this info and more, check out the Editorial Style Guidelines

Visual Identity Guide

If you are a designer and really need all the intricacies of the brand guidelines, download the Visual Identity Guide (PDF)

Student Organization Identity Guidelines/Spirit Marks

Students interested in using the spirit marks should download the WPI Student Organization Identity Guidelines (PDF) 

Website Help

main website wpi
How Group Administrators Help Share Information

Your group administrator can help get your information posted on (or give you permission to work in Drupal). Then, the posted information gets pulled into WPI Today (WPI’s daily email to all employees), campus screens, and webpages associated with your division, department, or office—and is seen by the community and the wider world. 

  • Designate at least two Drupal editors in your office who will be responsible for posting all the great information from your area. Each office/department/division is responsible for managing and updating the content on their own pages. 
  • Promote WPI events within the university calendar with an event listing (WPI-affiliated events belong in an announcement). 
  • Share your news with an announcement that can be brief or lengthy, have pictures or graphics, and will get pulled into the right pages on  
  • Work with MarCom for website strategy; provide content and desired actions for the identified target audience. 
  • Maintain a web presence to keep pages and content current, accurate, and engaging with updated copy, photos, and videos. 
  • Work within brand guidelines to use the correct branding, logos, subbrands, and marks in appropriate use to ensure consistent and unified user experience  
  • Keep faculty and staff profile pages current with titles, awards, pictures, and contact information 
  • Drive users to pages with links from any communications you typically produce including emails, newsletters, social posts 
  • Tag #wpi on social posts so WPI’s main channels can share more broadly 
Publishing Announcements & Events

Announcements are used for any special statement or news-related items pertaining to a specific department, division, or office, and will display in the Announcements feed on your department or office site. Use Announcements to share news about new faculty hires, new research grants, students or faculty presenting at a conference, published papers, department milestones, etc. Learn more about how to add an announcement, including examples and templates for many situations.

WPI-sponsored events and activities, along with important deadlines, should be published in the University Calendar. Learn more about how to add an event.

Using Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management system for managing the domain. On our using Drupal website you'll find everything from training videos and technical instructions (including announcements, events/calendar items and other widgets) to online documentation and tutorials.

Website Guidelines & Tips

The WPI website is the public face of the university. Every piece of digital content on the domain represents WPI and should meet certain standards for content, visual appearance, and ease of use, providing a unified, engaging experience. We offer a number of content guidelines and best practices to help Drupal web authors maintain and improve their websites.


Looking to create a Wordpress site for your lab? Have questions about how to maintain your Wordpress site? We offer tips and other helpful information here.

CMS Helpdesk

The CMS Helpdesk is here to assist WPI faculty and staff with all of your Drupal and WordPress website questions. On this site you will find documentation, step-by-step video tutorials, as well as instructions on how to update faculty and staff profiles. Feel free to call our helpdesk at x6147 or email us a helpdesk ticket.

Please see the other tabs on this page for instructions (and some templates and examples) on creating event and announcement posts. We also have instructions for updating your staff profile or .faculty profile 

Ordering Items

Branded Items and Staff Apparel

Use the Digital Storefront to order small or large quantities of in-stock WPI-branded products.  Go to store.

WPI works with Lands End for customized orders, which has a wide selection that can be branded with the WPI logo. Shop here. 

If you need assistance, email


Staff Name Tags
  • Download, complete, and email this order form to Please proof form carefully and include shipping address.
  • Once name tags are completed, they will be sent directly to you. Please allow for 3-5 days for production. However, if you have any problems with your order, please contact
Event Banners & Table Covers


Top: Table cover from the top view. Bottom: Table cover on table

Small (72” w x 36” h)
Large (144”w x 72” h)

  • Hanging banners have grommets and pole pockets for installation
University Pocket Folders

University pocket folders can be ordered by emailing

Business Cards

Please contact Printing Services to order WPI business cards. 

Photography and Video

Campus Photos for Download (Using Canto)

View and download select high-quality images from our database of campus photos, including aerial shots, academic buildings, and other iconic spots around campus. Please select SSO login before typing in your WPI credentials to log in. Please use this link:

Canto SSO Login

Canto SSO Login

Photography Requests / Faculty & Staff Headshots

Headshot photo sessions typically occur twice annually and can be found in the University Calendar and WPI Today emails. To request an on-campus photo session, please find a date and time that works for you by filling out this form. Once the form is received, our in-house photographer will get back to you with a confirmation. If you have any questions about photography, please email

Guidelines for Taking Your Own Profile Headshot

We know how tough it can be to choose the right profile photo. Take a look at these guidelines to help you get started taking, and choosing, the best profile photo.

  • Taking the photo: Have someone else take your photo to get the best angle.
  • Background: Choose a clean, uncluttered background that does not distract from the main subject. Ideally, a neutral or solid-colored background is preferred.
  • Attire: Dress professionally and appropriately for a university setting. Avoid wearing clothing with offensive or inappropriate messages, logos, or graphics.
  • Facial Expression: Maintain a friendly and approachable facial expression. A natural smile is encouraged, as it helps create a positive impression.
  • Lighting: Ensure that the photo is evenly and well-lighted, avoiding excessive shadows or harsh lighting. Natural light or soft artificial light sources are preferred. Be sure to position a window or another light source in front of you. For outdoor photos, avoid the mid-day sunlight. Early morning or evening sunlight is softer. 
  • Focus: The photo should be in focus, with the subject's face clearly visible. If your phone has it, use portrait mode for the best clarity, thus avoiding blurry or pixelated images.
  • Crop and Composition: Use a close-up or head-and-shoulders composition, with the subject's face as the focal point. Avoid excessive empty space or extreme close-ups.
  • Size and Resolution: The photos will be displayed as square on the website and will be 766px wide at the largest.
  • Color and Filters: Photos should be in color, with minimal use of filters or excessive editing. The image should represent an accurate and realistic depiction of the individual.
  • Exclusions: Avoid including elements that may be distracting, such as pets, other people, or excessive props. The focus should be on the individual.
Campus Video Assets / B-Roll

We have a library of campus videos that you may use, including indoor and outdoor campus shots, student life, logos & signage, research, department/program specific, and tradeshow videos—Email with your request. Please provide detailed information about where and how you will use the videos.

Produced Video Productions

If you would like a produced promotional video, please submit your request by filling in and submitting this video conversation starter form. We do not cover events unless there is a strategic marketing purpose. Please contact the Academic Technology Center if your request is for an event or if it is academic-related. For questions, please contact the multimedia team by emailing

Recording High Quality Zoom Videos

Learn how to setup your recording preferences to ensure high quality Zoom videos and send them with these instructions.

Download custom designed, WPI branded Zoom backgrounds. 

Recording Video With Your Cell Phone

Learn how to setup your recording preferences to ensure high quality cell phone videos and send them with these instructions.


Media Release Form & Submitting Your Own Content

Please sign this Media Release Form if you are captured on video or participate in a promotional photography session. You may use this form to submit and release photo and video content (such as a video you would like posted to YouTube) for the Marketing Communications Department.

Getty Stock Photography and Video

Please do not use copyrighted images from the internet. If you need stock photography, video, or graphics, please search Getty Images under the "Premium Access" Collection. Send a link to the visual asset you would like to use or the asset number located on the bottom of each photo/video/graphic to We will determine if the content is within our collection and provide the asset back to you via email or download. 

News, Stories & Announcements

Announcements in WPI Today

Announcements are used for any special statement or news-related items pertaining to a specific department, division, or office, and will display in the Announcements feed on your department or office site, in the daily WPI Today email, and on the digital screens on campus.  

Use Announcements to share news about  

  • new faculty hires 
  • new research grants 
  • students or faculty presenting at a conference 
  • published papers 
  • department milestones, etc.  

Learn more about how to add an announcement including templates and examples of many varieties of announcements to help guide you. 

WPI-sponsored events and activities, along with important deadlines, should be published in the University Calendar. Learn more about how to add an event

Suggesting a Story Idea

Have a story idea that would interest the WPI Community? Send story ideas for consideration to with the following information:

  • Story idea (if time sensitive, please submit at least 10 business days prior to preferred run date)
  • Connection and relevance to the WPI community (faculty, staff, and students)
  • Contact person and information
News/Media Requests and Ideas

Do you have something to contribute to the news and conversations underway on and off campus? A story idea, research finding or publication, news from your department, or an opinion you would like to express more broadly? Or are you seeing a trend in the news that you and your colleagues at WPI might influence? 

Submit your ideas for media consideration by emailing The Marketing Communications PR team can connect with you to talk through any potential media interest for an external audience. 



Social Media

social media
Starting a WPI Social Media Account

We’re here to help you take the first steps in creating an effective social media channel for your department or office. After you’ve planned out your strategy, fill out this form to register your account with Marketing Communications.

Sharing Your Content on WPI’s Social Media Channels

Do you have content you’d like to share on social media? Share it with us here, and we’ll consider it for WPI’s main social media channels.

Email Communication - Platform Guidelines

man on laptop
Marketing Cloud (MC)

Marketing Cloud (MC) is an email platform used to design, distribute, measure and automate email marketing campaigns and communications.

University Advancement, Undergraduate Enrollment and the Division of Marketing Communications uses MC for email communications to various audiences.

Visit the Marketing Cloud Policy of Use for more details on the governance for Marketing’s specific use of MC.


In addition to Outlook, Marketing Communications provides support for the use of the email platform Mailchimp in the form of templates, ad hoc training, and access to Mailchimp accounts.

Complete this form to request an email account in Mailchimp.


WPI Journal

How often is the WPI Journal published?

The WPI Journal, the university's magazine, is published quarterly.

Can I view the WPI Journal online?

The online version of the WPI Journal--including past issues--can be found here.

Can I submit a letter to the editor?

Yes. Letters can be sent to Please note letters to the editor may be altered for length, clarity, and accuracy. We ask that letters offer the reader's opinion without rancor. Letters that mock or insult will not be published. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of WPI.

How can I submit my Class Note?

Class notes can be submitted to

How can I suggest a story idea?

Have an idea for a story? Send it along to


Digital Screens Across Campus

Submitting Feedback and Content Ideas

We welcome your feedback regarding the current content on the large feature wall and the vestibule display screen in the Innovation Studio. Please use this brief survey to submit your feedback.

If you are interested in sharing new content ideas for these digital screens, please complete this input form to submit your ideas.

Visit Innovation Studio digital screen governance for more details on content, publishing and use of these screens.

Request a Slide Design or Submit Your Own to Be Displayed
  • Allow 24 hours for an accepted design to appear in the rotation (your slide will only appear in certain locations around campus, at each screen manager's discretion)
  • You may submit your design here, more information on designing your own screen can be found here.
  • If you prefer to have a slide designed for you, please fill out this form
  • All designs will be carefully reviewed before publishing