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Marketing Communications offers a number of tools, templates, and self-serve resources to help the campus community create unified, branded, and targeted communications for your audiences. 

Whether it's a PowerPoint for a presentation, a do-it-yourself flyer for an event, or updates on your department website, we've got you covered. 

Have a grammar question, or not sure how to capitalize the name of a department or program? Check out the WPI Editorial Style Guide



Tools, Files & Templates You Can Use

  • Event Needs (Workshops, Colloquium, Speakers, and Conferences)

    When planning an event and your messaging around it, think about:

    • What is the goal you're trying to achieve?
    • Who's the primary audience? Other audiences?
    • What's the call to action?
    • What key message(s) do you want to convey?
    • What images do you want to use in the promotion/marketing for the event?

    An Online Presence:

    When you have all your content ready to go and packaged up, add the event to the University Calendar. Here are instructions on how to add an event to the university calendar:

    Sample Essential Web Elements

    If you require a more robust web presence, please send a request to You can request a landing page for a conference, similar to this example: (login with WPI credentials required). You will need to submit all the content before the page can be built.

    WPI Logos:

    For flyers to post and share, please use WPI marks and logos appropriately in your promotions. Access information here re logos: Please note, however, that no WPI branding is necessary for on-campus events.

    Speaker PPT Slides:

    WPI-branded Powerpoint templates can be found here:

    Program/WPI Folders:

    Some events or conferences will require print materials to be given out during the event. Once you have your content ready for the program, you can bring it to the WPI Print Shop for printing, stapling, and collating. Remember there is a cost for printing, so be sure to include that in budget planning. Larger programs are best packaged within a WPI folder. Folders are approximately $1.15 each, and can be purchased directly from the WPI Print Shop:

    Event Photography:

    There are a few options to consider. For event photography, you can request a student photographer from the Student Photography Club. Alternatively, you can hire a professional photographer. Contact for an updated listing of professional photographers.


    Some events call for just the right gift for attendees. Visit the WPI digital storefront ( to find readily available stock items for delivery on short notice, and also some selections for special orders. Some ideas from past events include tee shirts, coffee or travel mugs, water bottles, pens, umbrellas, power banks, tote bags, lapel pins, etc. You should try to plan ahead to allow at least 3-4 weeks for the order processing and delivery of special order promotional items. For customized orders, please visit under Ordering Items for instructions.


    Some events call for signage to make sure attendees get to where they need to go. For signage requests, please consider borrowing existing signage options from the Events Office. Check with them first to see what is available. If customized signage is needed, please submit your request to


    Do you need a map? You can access and download interactive and print maps here:

  • Promoting to Internal Community

    Internal WPI Community

    • Use the University Calendar! Not only will your event be added to the university calendar on, but it will also be added to all relevant web pages as tagged, included in the WPI Today email and fed to the WPI mobile app. More information about adding events to the calendar can be found here.   
    • Consider sending a note to The Herd to get information about your event in front of the WPI community. To submit a story idea, email
    • Is your event newsworthy in some way? Send a note to the PR team at Give them all the information you have and they’ll connect with you to talk through any potential media interest. 
    • Social media: Have a social media channel? Makes sure to tag @WPI in your post. Don't have a social media channel or want your information directly on WPI's social media channels? Fill out the social media request form:
    • Did you make a graphic you'd like to share with the community? Submit your design here to be featured on the digital screens across campus. (your slide will only appear in certain locations around campus, at each screen manager's discretion)

    Looking to reach students?
    If you have portal access to TechSync (powered by Campus Labs), add your event to the calendar in your Portal and choose anyone in the world as your audience, so students can find event information. Additionally, when your event is on the TechSync Community Calendar, your event will feed into the University Calendar on and be considered for inclusion in the weekly email that is distributed to all students. If you are looking to reach students but do not have a departmental portal, you can request access to the general department portal by connecting with the Student Activities Office via email at They will provide direction on how to gain access to the portal and create your event.

    • Email (as a last resort). When used sparingly, email can be appropriate. Just go simple. People can get bombarded with emails that the less “fancy” they are, the better. Give them who, what, where, when, and how information in as few steps as you can. Send requests to the Undergraduate SGA President for email consideration to undergrads:; Send requests to the Graduate SGA President for email consideration to graduate students:; send requests to the potpourri email list to reach staff and faculty.
  • Promoting to External Community
    For larger, external events, you may find that you need to promote outside of WPI and the media. There are various ways to do this and it mostly depends on your budget. To buy ad space or to do social media campaigns will cost money, as will buying lists, and printing invitations and flyers to mail out. So consider your budget first and what you are able to spend, if anything. If you need assistance, contact to figure out some options that will work within your budget.
    For consideration in the Alumni newsletter or to request a list of alumni that fit your attendee profile, send a description of the event and your request to
    For free Worcester listings, you may want to consider the following:
    Worcester Chamber of Commerce / Event calendar:

    Worcester Consortium (has split into two groups as of 2013):

    Massachusetts Education and Career Opportunities Inc. (MassEdCO)
    Calendar/News & Events:
    Submitting an event: Email:

    Colleges of Worcester Consortium
    Calendar (Social Web):
    Submitting an event (account needed):
  • Download Campus Events Toolkit

    Print out this toolkit for campus events as a handy reference. 

  • Event Logistics

    Planning an event on campus or at our Seaport location? Access tips, resources, and other useful information for planning events on campus and at WPI Seaport. Please note this is link is only accessible to the WPI community.

Brand, Style & Identity Guidelines

Ordering Items

Photography and Video

Email Communication - Platform Guidelines

  • Marketing Cloud (MC)

    Marketing Cloud (MC) is an email platform used to design, distribute, measure and automate email marketing campaigns and communications.

    University Advancement, Undergraduate Enrollment and the Division of Marketing Communications uses MC for email communications to various audiences.

    Visit the Marketing Cloud Policy of Use for more details on the governance for Marketing’s specific use of MC.

  • Mailchimp

    In addition to Outlook, Marketing Communications provides support for the use of the email platform Mailchimp in the form of templates, ad hoc training, and access to Mailchimp accounts.

    Complete this form to request an email account in Mailchimp.

Innovation Studio Digital Screens

  • Submitting Feedback and Content Ideas

    We welcome your feedback regarding the current content on the large feature wall and the vestibule display screen in the Innovation Studio. Please use this brief survey to submit your feedback.

    If you are interested in sharing new content ideas for these digital screens, please complete this input form to submit your ideas.

    Visit Innovation Studio digital screen governance for more details on content, publishing and use of these screens.

  • Request a Slide Design or Submit Your Own to Be Displayed


    • Suggested free design tool: Canva
    • All slides must be 1920x1080 pixels or 16x9 aspect ratio (horizontal)
    • Always export the highest quality image available
    • Only jpg, jpeg's, or png's will be accepted; please convert your PowerPoint slides
    • If designing in PowerPoint, please export your individual slides by navigating to file > export > JPG or PNG
    • WPI logos are not necessary since the audience is on campus
    • All slides must follow color guidelines for accessibility, and please use the Color Contrast Checker tool to ensure that your slide passes the requirements: AA Large and AAA Large 
    • All slides should be readable within 12 seconds with a QR code for more information if needed
    • Keep text to a minimum (headline, one supporting sentence, date/time/location, and learn more via a short link and/or a QR code is recommended)
    • All designs will be carefully reviewed before publishing
    • Allow 24 hours for an accepted design to appear in the rotation (your slide will only appear in certain locations around campus, at each screen manager's discretion)
    • You may submit your design here
    • If you prefer to have a slide designed for you, please fill out this form