Record High Qualtiy Video with Zoom

Recording Via Zoom

  1. Create a well-lit environment
    • ​ensure your space is bright with windows and/or artificial light 
    • a great mixture of light could be windows on one side and a complementary lamp on your opposite side
    • avoid windows directly behind you if recording during the day as they can cause your face to appear dark
    • if recording at night, ensure that you have enough light around you so that the video doesn’t appear dark and grainy
    • perform a test recording and make adjustments for the best results
    • for more information and visual examples, please check out this link for tips and tricks
  2. Change your background with WPI photos
  3. ​​Perform an audio test
    • try to record in a quiet location and turn off electronic sounds (fans, heaters, air conditioners, etc.)
    • close out of Outlook and any other applications on your computer that may send you a notification
    • learn how to perform an audio test here
  4. Record from the Zoom application
    • navigate to preferences > video and select the following options: 16:9 (widescreen), enable HD, mirror my video, touch up my appearance (optional), hide non-video participants

    • navigate to preferences > recording and select the following options: recording > store my recordings at (create a new folder and place it on your desktop), optimize for 3rd party editor, record video during screen sharing, place video next to the shared screen in the recording (option)

    • navigate to preferences > audio > microphone > choose the dropdown menu and ensure that the correct microphone is selected (for example, if you have an external microphone, make sure it's selected, then move the "input volume" slider to about 90%

    • start a new meeting by selecting “new meeting”

    • select “join with computer audio” > select “record” and record your video > select “stop recording when done”

    • if you would like to record multiple videos on the same session, simply select record again, then stop then you are done (Zoom will output multiple files with this process) 

    • select “end meeting” and then choose “end meeting for all”

    • you will see a pop-up box with the message: “converting meeting recording”

    • your recording should automatically convert and open a Finder window containing your file (for example, zoom_0.mp4)

    • rename your file with a descriptive text such as: interview_smith_oct_2020.mp4

  5. Send the file

  • If the file is under 2GB, you can use to send your file. Once you're on the site, simply drag and drop your file, then enter them email of the receiving participant(s)

6. Upload to WPI's Youtube Channel

  • If you would like to upload your video to WPI's Youtube channel (subject to review), please fill out this form to see if your video is elegible 

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