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Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to spread your message quickly and effectively, but one that can also harm your reputation just as easily. As managers of the university social media pages and handles, we’re here to help you through every step of the social process, from channel creation to defusing a tricky situation. In addition, we collaboratively support the accounts of departments, programs, offices, and initiatives across campus to ensure that WPI is accurately and professionally represented across all channels.

Getting Started

First things first: before creating a new official university social media channel, be sure to complete the New Account Registration Form and review the university’s social media guidelines and best practices.

Are you a student organization?

Recognized student organizations are encouraged to notify Marketing Communications before establishing a social media presence, and to adhere to the Student Organization Identity/Spirit Guidelines: StudentGuide_WPILogoUsage.pdf

Social Media Guidelines

The guidelines , intended for official university channels, define the role social media plays in WPI’s communication and messaging strategy, and applies to all social media accounts created by WPI employees. Please note: while we want to promote free speech, WPI reserves the right to remove posts/comments that are profane, in violation of privacy, or are otherwise inappropriate.

Best Practices- For all handles

Much of social media involves answering questions—who’s responsible for posting what content, and how often? Who “owns” the content, and where will it come from? It’s important these questions are answered before you create your channel. Check out WPI's Best Practices page for some helpful tips before you get started. As always, don't hesitate to email Marketing Communications with any questions or concerns.

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