Boundary Breakers


Elevating the Research Enterprise 

A new research milestone was achieved in 2018 as WPI advanced its strategic goal to elevate the research enterprise. The continuing growth is attributed to a number of factors, including the recently launched Research Solutions Institute and talented young researchers joining new and established labs.

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Inaugural Presidential Fellows

The WPI Presidential Fellowship launches the PhD career of highly talented students to WPI, covering a year of tuition, a stipend, and opportunities for professional development to allow underrepresented women and minority doctoral students flexibility in research. The inaugural trio of Presidential Fellows represent different backgrounds and are following diverse academic paths, but all will elevate the research at WPI with the work they plan to do here.


The Journey to Launching a Company

Lindsay Lozeau and Todd Alexander never pictured themselves as cofounders of a company that is poised to change the way the medical community considers stopping infections. Yet here they are. The recent doctoral graduates share how they built their company, AMProtection, one step at a time and the support they received from WPI along the way.

infographic on 2018 research milestones



PhD degrees awarded in 2022

“WPI has a great focus on solving real-world problems. I’m working on using spinach and other plants as the framework to build new tissues on. In an ideal world, we would be able to grow a large piece of heart muscle and then transplant that into the dama
  • Joshua Gershlak
  • PhD candidate in biomedical engineering