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Dreaming Big. Working Hard.

No matter what they're doing, WPI students are all in. Whether it's studying for finals, giving all they've got on the field, staying late in the lab, taking command of the stage, building a robot, or launching a student club, the passions and talents of WPI students can't be underestimated. Their spirit creates an invigorating atmosphere filled with teamwork, energy, and possibility.

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Pursuing a Passion

With an environment that empowers students to pursue their passions, it's no wonder that each year there are a crop of new student clubs and organizations—from Spikeball to Cheese Club to Coin & Currency—that are the direct result of the dedication and hard work of their student founders. Explore some of these organizations.


Going Above and Beyond

WPI's Engineers Without Borders (EWB) chapter received national recognition when they were named the recipients of the 2017 EWB-USA Premier Chapter Award for going above and beyond in service to the organization and its partner communities. WPI's chapter has been working in Guachtuq, Guatemala for years, partnering with the town's people and a local NGO to increase water quality to the community through the design and construction of dozens of rainwater harvesting systems. 


The Month in Photos

From student celebrations to campus traditions to athletic competitions, our photographers and videographers go behind the lens each month to capture the people, places, news, and events that define the WPI community.


Showcasing Cultures

Nde Aghanui Nkimbeng ’18 organized the Black Student Union's second annual fashion show on campus—raising money for African Community Education, an organization that assists African refugees and immigrant youth families. 

At WPI, I found my people - people who share the same morals, creativity, knowledge, and drive to succeed that I know will help me immensely in my future."
  • Jennifer D. '18, mechanical engineering