Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor

Q. Who do I contact when I have questions about purchasing an item?
Contact the procurement team at eproc@wpi.edu.

Q. I created a Purchase Order in Workday, then received an invoice, what do I do with the invoice?
When there is an existing PO in Workday, and you receive the invoice(s), you do not create a supplier invoice in Workday. Email the invoice to Accounts Payable at accountspayable@wpi.edu and reference the PO number and Supplier name. 

Q. What do I do if a supplier I wish to use isn’t listed in Workday?
U.S. based suppliers must complete a Supplier Registration through WPI’s online form. See Add New Supplier on the WPI Hub for more information. 

Foreign Suppliers must complete a Foreign Supplier Registration Form (PDF) and attach the appropriate IRS form. Once you have the required documents for a foreign supplier, the next step is to “Create Supplier Request” in Workday. Upon approval, the new supplier will be available in Workday.

Q. Why do I need to consult procurement to identify a supplier when I know best what goods and services I need? 
The procurement office is a resource to assist you with identifying suppliers to obtain the best value. As the end user, you possess the utmost understanding in regards to your needs and specifications.

Q. Why do we bid on products and services? 
The bidding process is used to ensure that WPI receives the best prices for quality goods and/or services. Enabling suppliers to compete in an unbiased and open manner secures our receiving the best possible value.

Q. I understand WPI is Tax Exempt. Where do I obtain the Tax Exempt certificate?
Contact the Procurement or Controller’s office.