Equipment is defined as tangible, non-expendable, personal property with an anticipated useful life of one year or more costing greater than or equal to $5,000. The acquisition cost is the net invoice unit price of the property including the cost of modification, attachments, accessories or auxiliary parts necessary to make the property usable for its intended purpose. Charges such as freight and installation will be included in the overall cost if these charges are listed on the same invoice. Spare or replacement parts will generally be classified as supplies.

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Installation, Site Preparation and Training

For purchases of equipment with a value of $5,000 or more, the Equipment Purchase Form (PDF) must be completed and uploaded to the PO in Workday. When purchasing equipment, identify the responsible parties, cost and timing of installation of the equipment. If the supplier will perform the installation it must be confirmed that the supplier has adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If the assistance of another department at WPI is required for installation, such as Information Technology or Facilities, contact the department well in advance, and provide them with the completed Equipment Purchase Form. If training is needed, ask the supplier where the training will take place, if it is included in the price, and for how many users. Confirm that a manufacturer’s user manual, parts list and schematics are provided free of charge.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

Maintenance and service agreements should be negotiated with the manufacturer or authorized entity during the bid process and noted on the purchase order. The terms and conditions of the agreement include warranties, response time, exclusions, working hours, labor, and loaner equipment as part of the specified scope of work. It must be designated if the equipment will be serviced on site, or require transportation to the repair facility. If the equipment is to be transported off site, it is recommended the box or crate in which it was shipped, be retained in order to safely transport the equipment in the future.

Used Equipment

When purchasing used equipment non-competitive negotiation is acceptable. Used equipment refers to equipment which has been previously owned and utilized. It is offered for sale in “as is” condition and may or may not include a limited warranty. Demonstration or refurbished equipment is different, as it is offered and acquired through distributors or manufacturers.