Types of Purchases

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor

Any person, organization or corporation wishing to manufacture a product bearing or containing any of the marks of the university, or to provide a service that will use the marks, must enter into a licensing agreement that authorizes such use. WPI uses Licensing Resource Group (LRG) to administer its licensing program.

Once a supplier is licensed, they can access current, accurate WPI logos and marks from Trademarx Online, LRG’s web based artwork database. Product designs must be submitted into Trademarx Online for review and approval prior to being produced. Items bearing WPI’s trademarks without a license may be considered "counterfeit" and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the items. Additionally, licensed suppliers who fail to submit designs for pre-production approval may have their license revoked.

All details of the proper procedures for ordering WPI licensed products, as well as a list of licensed suppliers, may be found at Marketing & Communications Office, or by consulting with your department’s Marketing Program Manager.