Professional Services Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide criteria for engaging and paying an External Service Provider (i.e., consultant, including independent contractor) for Professional Services in a manner that complies with federal and state law.

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor

Retain an External Service Provider only when the professional services skills are not available or able to be provided by a WPI Internal Area of Expertise. The Professional Services Policy includes a list of internal areas of expertise and associated contact information.

This policy applies to anyone employed by WPI wishing to contract an External Service Provider to provide Professional Services to WPI; the policy does not apply to the use of external grant funding for Professional Services.

When engaging an External Service Provider (whether classified as an Independent Contractor or an organization), depending on the value of the Professional Services, the following steps must take place:

  1. Professional Services with an estimated value of $5,000 or more require consultation with and approval by the corresponding Internal Area of Expertise

  2. Professional Services with an estimated value of $10,000 or more require adherence to the Competitive Bidding Process and the Workday Requisition process.

Please see the Professional Services Policy for detailed information.