Purchases Requiring Special Permits

The purchase of hazardous materials, controlled substances, research animals, and laboratory/shop equipment, etc. may need approval prior to purchase. The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) staff members listed below are available to assist as needed. Please be aware such purchases are subject to Federal and/or State regulations and may have special handling and training requirements.

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor
  • Alcohol: A Tax Free permit is required. Approval for such orders is per the discretion of the person or department head or designee, who holds the tax free permit.

  • Controlled Substances: If an individual and/or department purchases a DEA controlled substance, they are responsible for the compliance with all regulatory requirements set forth in this federal standard.

  • Lasers: If an individual and/or department purchases a laser or equipment containing a laser, the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) needs to be notified by contacting x5216. The LSO must update the laser inventory and will be available to assist with all matters pertaining to laser safety.

  • Research Animals: You must have an active protocol which has been approved by the University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in order to work with Animals. All Animals must be ordered through WPI’s Vivarium Manager, who may be reached by calling x4125.

  • Radioactive Materials: The purchase and management of all radioactive materials is under the authority of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The RSO may be contacted at x5216.

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders: When purchasing a compressed gas cylinder, the requestor must confirm that the vendor will accept the return of the cylinder when it is no longer needed by WPI. Under no circumstances should anyone assume disposal responsibility by WPI for a gas cylinder.

    Dan Sarachick Director of Environmental Health & Safety, x 5298 dtsarachick@wpi.edu
    Alphonse Lacouture Safety Technician x 5277 alacouture@wpi.edu
    Dave Adams Radiation Safety Officer, x 5432 dadams@wpi.edu
    Paula Moravek Biosafety Officer, x 5401 pmoravek@wpi.edu