Vehicle Rental

WPI has a vehicle rental program in place with Enterprise/National, our preferred vehicle rental service provider.

Our agreement is a “Business Only” Rental Program. Insurance Coverage is now included within all rental rates per this agreement. In addition, the agreement provides a Truck Rental Program which also includes Damage Waiver and Limited Liability coverage.

The E&I Contract Number is CNR01494. Please contact Procurement for the required WPI code.

Should you require assistance please contact our WPI representative: 

Michael Ewart, Sales Manager


Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor

Vehicle Purchase or Lease

Procurement services oversee the purchase and leasing process for vehicles at WPI. Please contact procurement once you have confirmed budgeted funds are available for such an acquisition and advise if a vehicle trade will be included in the transaction. Procurement will work with you to identify the specifications that best suit your needs and will contact the appropriate supplier(s) to begin the purchase or lease process. Assistance will be provided regarding insurance, delivery and vehicle registration.