Packing Slips

Packing slips are provided by suppliers, they accompany packages regardless of whether a shipment is received through a central receiving location or shipped directly to you.

The packing slip is your record of what was sent to you by the supplier and serves as a tracking mechanism. It is used to reconcile invoices by confirming what has or has not been received to prevent payment for goods or services which have not been provided. Departments must upload the packing list(s) for purchases greater than or equal to $1,000 and attach it to the related PO in Workday.

Receiving Procedures

Receipt of goods or services must be acknowledged in Workday. Discrepancies such as shortages or damages should be noted. The supplier will need to be contacted to resolve such discrepancies.

Workday Receiving Instructions

Receipt of goods or services must be acknowledged in Workday before the invoice will be paid. A three way match is necessary between the purchase order, receipt and invoice.