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Incorrect or Damaged Shipments

If a shipment is received with incorrect or damaged goods, the inner and outer packing material, packing slip, and/or shipping ticket must be retained. Each will be necessary if the item(s) need to be returned or exchanged by the supplier. To ensure incorrect shipments are handled properly please abide by the following:

  • Supplier policy must be followed and proper authorization obtained.
  • The supplier should be notified immediately via phone or email, and if required in writing. This will ensure credit is issued, return authorization or replacement is provided.
  • If the goods received need to be returned to the supplier, the original packaging should be used.
  • The department should thoroughly document all associated activity. 
  • The office of procurement should be contacted to assist with disputes.

There are three basic methods used for handling returns, the purchaser shall contact the supplier and arrange for the order for each option

1. Replacement at no charge:  

  • There are two options in Workday: 1. You may enter a memo when creating the order receipt. 2. You may enter the information in the activity field of the purchase order.
  • AP will pay the original invoice, and process the credit and rebill if submitted by the supplier.

2. Return for credit only:

  • In Workday, you must first "Create a Receipt" and then "Create a Return". Be sure to enter a memo describing the event
  • AP will pay an invoice and a credit will be generated to be applied to the original PO

3. Replacement with a different item (With this scenario the rebill invoice will apply to the new PO created for the replacement item(s)):

  • In Workday, you must first "Create a Receipt" and then "Create a Return". Be sure to enter a memo describing the event
  • In Workday, create a new PO for the replacement item and use internal Memo to reference original PO number
  • AP will pay the original invoice
  • In Workday, once you receive the replacement, create the receipt of the item(s) under the new PO that was created for the replacement
  • AP will apply the credit memo to the original PO, and then pay the replacement invoice for the new item.