Undergraduate Candidates:

Students should file for graduation by filling out the Undergraduate Student Application to Graduate form, which is located on our website under Forms. Students must file by the respective application deadlines based on when degree requirements will be completed.  Please see our Degree Applications information for additional information regarding these specific dates/deadlines.

The deadline to submit the Undergraduate Application for Graduation has passed.  You must contact the Registrar’s Office if you have not submitted your application and you are planning on graduating in May.

Make sure that you are properly pre-registered so that you can be accurately reviewed for graduation.  Once you have filed for graduation, your degree audit will be reviewed by the undergraduate graduation clearance team in the Registrar’s Office.  Upon completion of your review, you will receive an email (to your WPI email address) from the Registrar’s Office (with a copy to your Program Review Chair) regarding the results of your degree review.  The email will specifically state whether or not you are on track to graduate with your current registration.  If you are missing degree requirements, those requirements will be noted in the email and you should register for those outstanding requirements accordingly.

Track the status of your Undergraduate Degree on BannerWeb.  Under the Student Services and Financial Aid tab, choose Student Records.  Then choose Degree Candidate Information.  You can review the following information:

  • Degree Sought
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
  • Major(s)
  • Concentration(s)
  • Minor(s)
  • Graduation Status (should state “Pending Final Review” if you have filed for graduation)
  • Honors (calculated the Wednesday before the commencement ceremony for May candidates)
  • Sufficiency (if completed will show date CDR was recorded)
  • IQP (if completed will show date CDR was recorded)
  • MQP (if completed will show date CDR was recorded)
  • Attending Ceremony - applies to May ceremony (Note:  if states “not on file”, you have not submitted an RSVP yet.  Submit your attendance by filling out the Commencement Participation Form.  Please note:  all October and February graduates are invited to participate in the May commencement ceremony.
  • Diploma Name (suffixes are not shown on this screen; confirm this information with the Registrar’s Office directly).

Verify that you are registered for all of your remaining projects. Check your registration on BannerWeb.

Clear up any holds. Your diploma will not be issued unless you have cleared all financial obligations.

Submit an authorized Transfer Credit Authorization Form (PDF) and an official transcript for any courses that you are transferring into WPI to the Registrar’s Office.  These forms must be submitted by the date that grades are due for the term in which you intend to complete your requirements.

Verify that you have met all University and departmental degree requirements.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for complete requirements, details, and deadlines.  Undergraduate students should review their CAPP degree audit on BannerWeb carefully.  Meet with your Academic Advisor if you have any questions.

Resolve any "I" (incomplete) grades.  Be sure to check BannerWeb to see if you have any unresolved "I" grades.  Your instructor must submit a Final Grade prior to when grades are due for your last term at WPI.

Submit your Minor Completion Form to the Registrar’s Office as soon as you have filed for graduation.

Graduate Candidates:

  • Step 1:  Please complete the Graduate Student Application to Graduate form first to inform the Registrar's Office of your intent to graduate.

The deadline to submit the Graduate Application for Graduation has passed.  If you are in fact graduating in May you must proceed to Step 2.