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Academic Standards

To be considered in good academic standing, graduate students must maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.0. Cumulative overall GPA includes all work taken since matriculation, and any coursework taken before matriculation as a graduate student, provided it has not already been counted towards another degree (exception: courses used for another WPI degree that are specifically authorized by the appropriate graduate committee to be double-counted will be included in the new degree’s GPA once processed by the Registrar). Transfer credit approved from other schools is not counted in the GPA. Students are reviewed at the conclusion of each semester they are enrolled. Students who fall below the minimum standard of 3.0 cumulative overall GPA will be placed in Academic Warning.  If a student earns a grade lower than C in three or more courses, or if the cumulative overall GPA falls at or below 2.5 after attempting a minimum of 8 credits, the student is academically dismissed.

Academic Warning: Students have one semester of course work to raise their cumulative overall GPA. Students who do not improve their GPA upon the next review will move down to the next level of standing. Students who do not have a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.0 will remain in Academic Warning.

Academic Probation: Students have one semester of course work to raise their cumulative overall GPA. Students who improve their GPA but still remain below 3.0 will be moved up to Academic Warning. Students who do not improve their GPA upon the next review will move down to the next level of standing.

Academic Dismissal: Students are academically withdrawn from the University. Students may appeal dismissal by submitting a petition to the University Registrar.

Academic standing appeal procedure: Student petitions will be reviewed by the Committee on Graduate Studies and Research. A representative from the student’s home department will be present during the appeal process. This petition must be submitted with any supporting documentation no later than the date specified in the dismissal letter, typically two weeks after semester end.


Guidelines for the Determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress, Academic Warning, Academic Probation, and Academic Suspension


In order to assist the student, parents, and the academic advisor in determining whether a student is making academic progress, WPI has adopted the following guidelines.

To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student must:

  1. Complete at least 4/3 units of academic work for the fall semester (A and B terms); and
  2. Complete at least 4/3 units of academic work for the spring semester (C and D terms).

     Note: Air Force Aerospace Studies (AS), Military Science (ML), and Physical Education (PE) courses are not included in any evaluation of Academic Progress.

     Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of each semester and any student who does not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress will move down one level of academic standing (to warning, from warning to probation, or from probation to suspension). First-year students who earn no academic credit (see note above) during their first two terms at WPI will be placed on Academic Suspension. Thereafter, any student who earns no academic credit in a semester will move down two levels in academic standing.

ACADEMIC WARNING: Each student’s academic record will be reviewed at the conclusion of terms B and D according to the guidelines above. If a student’s performance falls short of either guideline 1 or 2, the student will be placed on Academic Warning for two terms. At this time, the student is urged, with the help of the advisor, to identify the nature of the academic difficulty and to formulate a course of action for overcoming the difficulty. Students on academic warning may apply to the Global Projects Program, but WPI reserves the right to withdraw acceptance to students who are subsequently placed on academic probation.

ACADEMIC PROBATION: During the next review of academic progress, should the student fail, once again, to maintain satisfactory academic progress, the student will be placed on Academic Probation for two terms. Academic Probation will prevent the student from receiving financial aid, will result in loss of eligibility for team sports, will prevent the student from obtaining undergraduate employment in the Co-op Program and will prevent participation in the Global Projects Program.

ACADEMIC SUSPENSION: Should a student on Academic Probation fail to make satisfactory academic progress during the next review period, the student will be suspended from WPI. This status will prevent the student from enrolling as a full-time student or a part-time student for at least the next two terms. Subsequent readmission is subject to approval (with possible conditions) of a petition through the Registrar to the Committee on Academic Operations (CAO). As a general rule, a student readmitted after suspension will be placed on an Academic Probation status. New students (first year or transfer) who fail to obtain academic credit for the first two terms shall be placed on Academic Suspension and not allowed to enroll for the following two terms. To apply for readmission, a student must submit a petition to the Committee on Academic Operations (CAO).

IMPROVEMENT IN STATUS: Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation have the opportunity to improve their status by progressing through the levels in reverse order. If a student on Academic Probation satisfactorily meets the guidelines at the end of the next review period, he or she will be moved to the list of students on Academic Warning. A student on Academic Warning would be moved back to Satisfactory Academic Progress status.

SUMMER REVIEW PERIOD: An exception to the guidelines stated above can occur when a student registers for Term E. At the conclusion of Term E, a review will be conducted which will include E-term and the previous four terms. If the student has completed 10/3 units acceptable work, the student’s academic progress status will improve. Thus, a student on Warning status after the Term D review will start terms A and B on Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student placed on Academic Probation after the Term D review will be on Warning status for terms A and B.

SUMMER ACADEMIC SUCCESS PROGRAM: Students who finish the academic year on Academic Warning or Academic Probation status, but who have passed at least 2 units of academic work during the previous four terms, are eligible to participate in the Summer Academic Success Program. Students who participate in the program enroll in ID 1000- Summer Academic Success Program, a five-week academic skills course, as well as two E Term courses. Successful completion of the courses and ID 1000 will result in the academic status rising one level (Academic Probation to Academic Warning, or Academic Warning to Satisfactory Academic Progress). The Office of Academic Advising coordinates the Summer Academic Success Program.

PART-TIME STUDENTS: Students pursuing the bachelor’s degree as part-time students will be subject to the same review schedule and standards as full-time students. All part-time students will be reviewed after the Fall and Spring semesters and must satisfactorily complete at least one-third of the academic activities for which he/she has registered. For more information on part-time status, please see page 207 of the Undergraduate Catalog.

GRADE CHANGES AND ACADEMIC STATUS: Students who are placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation at the end of a given semester may receive a grade change (either incomplete to letter or letter to letter) that may improve the standing. The Registrar will re-review a student’s standing if the grade change comes in by the last day of the immediately following term. Please note that, depending on the timing of this re-review, the improved standing may not have an effect on financial aid implications. This option is not available to students on suspension. Suspended students must petition the Committee on Academic Operations for reconsideration or to return from suspension.

PETITIONS: Students may petition through the Registrar’s Office to the Committee on Academic Operations (CAO) for reconsideration of the status of the following:

  • Academic Probation
  • Academic Suspension
  • Readmission after Suspension

    Students who petition for reconsideration of status must accomplish the following:

1. Obtain a petition form from the Registrar’s Office webpage.

2. Complete the form and obtain advisor’s approval and signature.

3. Submit the form to the Registrar’s Office within three weeks of the issuance of grades for B, D, or E term reviews except for readmission after suspension.


July 20 for Term A November 15 for Term C