Course Load

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Standard Course Load

The standard course load for WPI undergraduate students is one unit per term (exclusive of courses for ROTC and Physical Education, which do not count towards overloads).  Students may register in advance for a maximum of one unit in any term.  Registration for courses which will result in an overload may take place, on a space-available basis, as of the first day of the term in which that course is offered.  A student may not include any portion of qualifying work (project or Sufficiency) as part of an overload without the approval of both the academic and project advisors.  Written approval will be requested before registration can be completed in such cases.  Overload charges will be computed each semester based on the course and project load included in the student's final term registration.

Overload Information (Undergraduate Only)

As of the Fall of 2009, students can take up to 21 credits per semester with their advisors' approval (excluding PE and Military Science credits) without incurring an overload expense.  This allows students to take an additional course per semester, over and above the standard six course schedule (or two units), and there will be no charge for that additional course.  Above 21 credits, students will be charged the Overload Fee per credit.  Please note that the Credit Conversion policies may affect a student's overload status; therefore students should read the policy carefully.