Project Lead the Way

Earning College Credit for PLTW Engineering High School Classes

Project Lead The Way offers high school students who have passed minimum requirements the unique opportunity to obtain college credit for their PLTW courses!

Earn WPI undergraduate credit free of charge:

###### Eligible PLTW High School Courses ###### WPI Course Equivalents
Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) ES1310
Principles of Engineering (POE) ES1020
Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) CE1000/PLTW CEA
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) ME1800
Digital Electronics (DE) ECE1000/PLTW DE

Eligibility Requirements:

You must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be a current WPI student
  • Completed one of the eligible PLTW Engineering courses in high school
  • A minimum of a "B" in the course and
  • Earned on the PLTW End-of-Course Assessment either a stanine score of 6 or higher (before July 2018) or a minimum scale score of 410 for IED, 410 for POE, 420 for CEA, 430 for CIM, or 450 for DE. waived for the 2019-2020 school year

As deemed appropriate, WPI also honors PLTW transfer credits from other select PLTW university partners, such as RIT. WPI cannot accept credit from NHTI Concord’s Community College since they do not factor in the PLTW End-of-Course Assessment scores when awarding credit. However, students with NHTI credit or PLTW credit from other higher education institutions are still eligible for WPI credit by having their course grades and End-of-Course Assessment scores reviewed by WPI.

If you have questions about WPI's policy for PLTW credit or wish to apply for credit please contact

Location: Unity Hall
Office Location: Room 435
Phone: 508-831-5211
Fax: 508-831-5931