Food sustainability starts with the use of natural resources and ends with the recovery or final disposal of food in a safe and thoughtful way. WPI supports several initiatives for reducing food waste and managing excess, including sending our discarded food to Tyde Brook Farm in Holden, MA, for animal feed.

Food Waste Management at WPI

The Food Recovery Network donates surplus food from dining halls around campus to local homeless shelters in the Worcester area. The Friendly House in Worcester supplies meals for 25-40 families per day.

WPI’s Green Team

WPI’s Green Team has a number of initiatives focusing on reducing your environmental impact from the food industry.  Examples include  using reusable containers, and reducing food waste, and expanding our composting programs. 

Project Clean Plate

Project Zero Waste (formerly Project Clean Plate) is an event by WPI’s Green Team in which people in Morgan Hall POD with no food waste are given a raffle ticket with the potential to win prizes. The students weighed the total amounts of food waste that were generated.  This effort indicated that 42% of the students during the project finished lunches with some amounts of food waste, with an average of 0.16 lbs wasted per person. The goal is to continue to provide education campaigns to reduce this waste.

Dining at WPI

Chartwells Catering manages WPI’s Dining Services, and Dine on Campus is available to browse daily menu items for each dining location.