Through research innovation and entrepreneurship, WPI’s research and scholarship provide practical contributions in sustainability that encompass and integrate a range of disciplines. By incorporating cooperative systems and cross-disciplinary approaches, WPI seeks to provide leadership in sustainability far beyond our campus.


Featured Sustainability News:

Strong Scientific Theory + AI-centered Collaborations = Real Progress for People’s Lives

In October, top researchers from around the world gathered at a prestigious program hosted by the Nobel Foundation—its first-ever symposium in Africa—to discuss the role that artificial intelligence (AI) can play in rigorous scientific methods in the twenty-first century. Among those in attendance were WPI Interim President Winston “Wole” Soboyejo and Emmanuel Agu, professor in the Department of Computer Science.

Green airplane fuel technology

WPI Researchers Create Method for Making Net-Zero Aviation Fuel

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has developed a potential breakthrough in green aviation: a recipe for a net-zero fuel for planes that will pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air. The research, which used sophisticated computational modeling and analysis, was recently published in the journal Fuel.

Prof. Seyed Zekavat

Seyed Zekavat Leads $1.1 Million Project to Develop System That Will Create Soil Moisture Maps for Farmers

Seyed (Reza) Zekavat and a team of researchers are bringing together drones, ground-penetrating radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to develop a low-cost system that will rapidly map root-zone soil moisture levels on large farms and help farmers irrigate more efficiently.

WPI Launches the Institute of Science and Technology for Development (InSTeD), an Inclusive Hub for Transdisciplinary Design and Research in STEM and Social Sciences

WPI professors and students will tell you they’re here to learn, conduct research, and advance their fields while also helping to make the world a better place. To help bring those goals and opportunities together, the university has formalized the Institute of Science and Technology for Development (InSTeD). 

The Center for Advanced Research in Drying (CARD) is the first center in the United States devoted to research in drying moist, porous materials such as food and agricultural products, forestry products, chemicals, textiles, and biopharmaceuticals.

The Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling (CR3) is committed to being the premier cooperative research center focused on sustainable stewardship of the Earth’s resources.

The Center for Global Public Safety is an interdisciplinary research and innovation initiative that brings together industry leaders and universities from around the world to lead an integrated effort to improve global public safety.

The Energy Research Group is an interdisciplinary energy research and education program in which WPI students and faculty work together on topics such as fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, catalysis, biomass, and electric power systems.

The Water Resource Center brings together faculty and students from science, engineering, environmental studies, business, and policy studies to explore and solve problems in water contamination and sustainability.

WPI’s Institute of Science and Technology for Development brings different forms of knowledge together to solve some of the world’s grand challenges, community by community.

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