The Office of Sustainability is here to help those in the WPI community looking to have a bigger part in sustainability on campus or in their lives.

From our office staff who run the day-to- day operations, to our volunteer WPI Eco-Reps who can answer any questions that you have about sustainability efforts in your on-campus building, to our Sustainability Advisory Committee who provides leadership and coordination for WPI's campus-wide efforts, feel free to reach out to us on who you can get involved.

Our Staff


John A. Orr is Director of Sustainability and Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He served as Provost of WPI from 2007 through 2010 and prior to this he held the positions of Dean of Undergraduate Studies and head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Dr. Orr received the BS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. 

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Liz Tomaszewski is Associate Director of Sustainability as well as Facilities Systems Manager and Campus Ombudsman.  She is a member of the AASHE (Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) Advisory Council, the Education Society for Resource Management, and International Ombudsman Association.  She has a MBA from Bentley College and spent many years in manufacturing management before coming to WPI.

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Ryan Cooney is a junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is active in the Student Green Team, the Academic Resource Center, Engineering Ambassadors, and the Inline Hockey Club. In his spare time Ryan enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar, and creating magnificent culinary masterpieces.


Nicole is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This year she will be releasing her masterpiece: The 2016-17 Annual Sustainability Report, and plans to reinvigorate the WPI eco-rep program. On campus Nicole is an active member of Green Team, sharing her love for the outdoors and working with others to create change.


Meghan is enjoying her final year at WPI in Environmental Engineering. A member of Green Team, Social Committee, and Engineering Ambassadors, she enjoys spreading sustainability and good cheer among all groups on campus. Off campus, Meghan enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, and running to find peace of mind.

WPI Eco-Reps

The Eco-Reps program is a result of a collaboration between WPI, GreenerU, and SynergE Worcester. Eco-Reps are volunteers, and are learning through the program about ways to live and work more sustainably on campus. They host events and focus their efforts towards a particular sustainable theme each term; A term is Water Conservation and Food Waste, B term is Waste Reduction and Recycling, C term is Recycling and Energy Conservation, and D term is determined by the eco-reps. They are also able to assist you with any questions that you have regarding energy usage, recycling, and waste reduction, so find your Eco-Rep and reach out today! Our current list includes:

Alpha Gamma Delta Ashley White
Atwater Kent Jim O'Rourke
Bartlett Center Julie Loveless
Boynton Hall Doreen Manning
Campus Center Christine Sharry
Chi Omega Sorority Chelsea White
Daniels Hall Sebastian Rodriguez
East Hall Jacqueline Tedesco
Ellsworth Apartments Sarah Campos
Facilities Tessa Mailloux
Faraday Hall Keely Heyer
Founders Hall

Ravneet Kaur

Laura Auerbach

Michelle Mestres

Shannon Ring

Katherine Burris

Fuller Apartments Warren Staver
Fuller Labs

Ann Valerio

Michael Voorhis

Gateway 1 Kathleen Adams
Gateway 2 Gina Betti
Goddard Hall

Felicia Vidito

Lenna Quackenbush

Gordon Library Jess Cotali
Institute Hall

Kimberly Gutherie

Manasi Danke

Vandana Anand

Kaven Suzanne LePage
Lambda Chi Alpha John Decusati
Morgan Hall Marc Printz
Olin Hall Jackie Malone
Project Center Ruth McKeogh
Rec Center Niel Hitchen
Residence Hall Council Caroline Armstrong
Riley Hall

Rediet Tegegne

Kyle Corry

Olivia Gibbs

Claire Barrameda

Salisbury Labs

Jim Doyle

Lisa Stoddard

Bill Baller

School of Business (50 Prescott Street)

Gina Betti
Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Oliver Sanderson

Sabrina Napoli

Stoddard Health Center Krista Berube
Stratton Hall Natalie Wellen
25 Trowbridge Kayleah Griffen

Sheetal Salunke

Mikaela DeRousseau

Ashley White


Kazim Shaikh

Jacqueline Tedesco

Elsa Luthi

Daniel Cammarata

Ashraf ElShakhs

Ema Mehuljic 



Sustainability Advisory Committee

The purpose of the WPI Sustainability Advisory Committee, led by Director of Sustainability John Orr, is to provide leadership and coordination for WPI's campus-wide efforts in energy and resource conservation, economic security, and social well-being. We are an educational institution; thus, these goals are interwoven with our academic goals in teaching about the practices of sustainable design and the impacts of behavioral changes, as well as in conducting research in the reduction of environmental impacts and in methods of enhancing sustainability. The committee is drawn from, and works with, all segments of the WPI community: students, faculty, and staff. Further, since WPI is an active member of the local, regional, and world communities, the work of this committee will have impacts beyond the WPI campus.

Name Position
Bill Spratt Director of Facilities Operations
Corey Dehner Assistant Teaching Professor, IGSD
Greg Snoddy Associate Dean of Students
Joe Sarkis Professor and Department Head, Foisie School of Business
John Orr Director of Sustainability
Julie Loveless Senior Assistant Director, Admissions
Kathy Loftus Global Leader of Sustainable Engineering, Energy Management, Whole Foods Market
Kris Wobbe Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Linda Looft Assistant VP of Government and Community Relations
Liz Tomaszewski Assistant Director of Sustainability
Martin Luttrell Digital Communications Manager
MaryBeth Harrity Assistant CIO
Sebastian Rodriguez WPI Class of '20, SGA Representative
Scott Jiusto Associate Professor, IGSD
Ex Officio Bruce Bursten Provost
Ex Officio Jeff Solomon Chief Financial Officer


Want to get involved?

​The Office of Sustainability regularly meets with student leaders in sustainability organizations to stay connected and support our impressive network of student groups. These meetings have brought about new initiatives in the Office of Sustainability and formed bridges between the community's efforts to advance sustainability on campus. For more information on these students and their activities, you can contact their email aliases: