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The WPI Learning Academy is powered by LinkedIn Learning. This dynamic learning management system provides employees with access to a robust repository of learning experiences including; videos, books, audiobooks, white papers, journals, and much more. 

Topic areas including professional development, management, and leadership skills are offered in a variety of formats to suit your preferences. With LinkedIn Learning, you can personalize your profile to your unique development needs, based on your indicated content interests as well as by learning from the courses and resources you access. 

We invite you to explore the full library of world-class learning experiences, which are as short as 5 minutes or as long as several hours. These convenient courses are readily available as resources to assist in your professional growth and development at WPI.

Getting Started

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Download the LinkedIn Learning Mobile App

Connect accounts (*optional*). If you already have a learning account, you have an option to sync your learning history at log in, or simply switch between accounts within your profile.

Check the Steps below to Activate Your Account
Step 1
Email activation

Step 1

You will receive an email from LinkedIn Learning asking you to activate your account. Click on the "Activate your account" link to get started!

Step 2
Skills Selection

Step 2

Choose the types of skills you want to learn. LinkedIn Learning will recommend courses based on your selection. 

Step 3
Connecting Your Profile

Step 3

Choose between a) connecting your LinkedIn with your LinkedIn Learning or b) keeping the account separate. 

Connecting your account allows you to:

  • Personalize your learning experience. Get recommendations from LinkedIn Learning based on your job title, skills, interests, and industry.
  • Socialize your learning. Post questions to your professional network or join discussions hosted by others on LinkedIn Learning topics.
  • Display your accomplishments. Every time you complete a learning path and course, you will receive a digital badge of completion that can be added to your profile.

Why might you decide not to do this?

  • You may prefer to separate your professional profile from your learning account. 
  • You may not have a LinkedIn profile.  
  • You may need time to retrieve a lost username or password. 
  • If you decide to create a new profile, for the very best user experience, log out of your LinkedIn profile prior to activating your LinkedIn Learning account.
Step 4
Confirm Your Identity

Step 4

If you decide to connect your LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn accounts, you will need to confirm your identity. 

Step 5
Get Recommendations

Step 5

Based on your LinkedIn profile, you may get some content recommendations. 

Step 6
Set Weekly Learning Goals

Step 6

You can set weekly learning goals to keep you engaged!

Step 6
Start Learning!

Step 7

You are all set!

Certificates and Continuing Education

Professional Learning Certificates

LinkedIn Learning partners with top companies that offer the most in-demand professional certificates. Click here to find certificate preparation courses developed in partnership with certificate providers so you can earn their professional certificate and showcase your mastery of in-demand skills to employers.

Continuing Education

LinkedIn Learning can help you earn continuing education credits to keep your certifications current. The online courses have been recognized and approved by organizations as educational activities towards your ongoing professional development.

Each of the third-party organizations (PMI, NASBA, SHRM, etc.) sets its own standards and requirements for what counts as a credit, what they call the credit, and what actions a learner must take to earn it. Click here to access certificate preparation content and check below for information on specific partners.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Project Management Institute (PMI)
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
Human Resources Certification Institute (HCRI)
Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

Certificate Preparation

LinkedIn Learning offers courses and learning paths taught by experts in their fields to prepare you to take technical and business certification exams from CompTIA, Microsoft, AWS, (ISC)2, Six Sigma, and other leading providers. Click here to access this content. 

Set New Goals and Gain New Skills!

Career Goals

The LinkedIn Learning Pathfinder helps you identify and learn the skills for the next step in your career. Simply choose a career goal, discover new skills needed to achieve your goal, and get a list of LinkedIn Learning courses customized for your goals.

Gaining New Skills

With LinkedIn Learning, anyone can gain new skills. LinkedIn Learning offers expert-led, anytime training that you can take at your own pace, with tools and features to fit almost any learning style. Use this course to discover how you learn best and how LinkedIn Learning can help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Create a Collection

Team Users can curate specific courses/videos and share with their team.  Watch the create a collection video for more detail

Skill Assessment

If you want to grow your skills, but don’t know where to begin, take the LinkedIn Skills Assessment. Skills Assessments allows you to earn a badge if you pass but it also recommends courses that will help you become proficient for that specific skills.  Watch this video to learn more.

Recommended Content

LinkedIn Learning offers over 16,000 self-paced courses that are taught by industry professionals. That is a lot of content! To get you started, below are a few recommended courses, videos, and learning paths.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for All - Learning Path

Learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working in diverse organizations. This transformative learning path reviews current thinking and best practices on essential topics such as bias in all of its forms, cultural competence, communication, allyship, and accountability. Click here to learn more. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging for Leaders and Managers - Learning Path

Discover ways to effectively lead diversity efforts in your organization. After completing this learning path, leaders and managers will be able to demonstrate behaviors and take specific actions to foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in their organizations and on their teams. Click here to learn more.  

Manager Tools

Develop Your Skills as a New Manager

Develop skills you need to be a successful new manager. After completing this learning path, you'll be able to define your leadership style and build trust with your team, communicate with impact, coach others, set goals, and delegate tasks, while creating a work culture that values belonging. Click here to learn more. 

Take It To The Next Level

Take your management skills to the next level. In this learning path, you'll build management skills for the modern workplace with a focus on coaching and developing employees, prioritizing team well-being, increasing team resilience, and creating a culture that can withstand change and disruption. Click here to learn more.


Master Your Leadership Effectiveness Skills

Discover what effective leadership means in the modern workplace. Learn to create a compelling vision, make strategic decisions, lead change, influence others, create psychological safety, and lead consciously. Click here to learn more.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are all around us in the office, and it's important for leaders to understand how to harness them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. In this course, Britt Andreatta shares how to boost your emotional quotient (EQ) to better lead teams, work with peers, and manage up. Click here to learn more. 

Develop the Skills For Effective Performance Management

Whether you're managing an organization, a division, or a team, learn the skills to effectively manage performance by setting clear goals, providing feedback, conducting performance reviews, and nurturing employee growth and development. Click here to learn more. 

Succeeding in Hybrid Work

Mastering hybrid work means transitioning between home workspace and office workspace with ease, performance, and productivity. This learning path can help you learn how to stay organized, be adaptable, resilient, and establish boundaries to protect your time. Click here to learn more.

Developing Self-Awareness

While a multitude of factors can go into the making of a successful person, nearly all individuals who achieve high levels of personal and professional success have a keen sense of self-awareness. In this course, learn how to become more self-aware in order to develop yourself personally and enhance career progression. Organizational psychologist Gemma Roberts helps you learn how to develop your self-awareness so that you can understand how others see you, and better align your actions with your intentions. Click here to learn more.

Communicating with Confidence

Most people are afraid of speaking in public, but effective oral communication is a key skill in business. Jeff Ansell provides simple communication tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and produce immediate results. He'll help you sound more confident, use body and language to better express ideas, and overcome anxiety. In the last chapter of the course, all these concepts are brought together in two real-world coaching exercises that will help you see the techniques in action. Click here to learn more.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Being accountable is more than just being responsible for something—it's also, ultimately being answerable for your actions. To hold yourself accountable, you must find the motivation to do difficult things. You need to amplify the urgency of your mission, know why it matters, and understand how taking responsibility helps you become the kind of person you want to be. In this course, personal branding expert Dorie Clark helps you adopt the accountability mindset. Dorie outlines specific, practical steps you can take to implement accountability. Click here to learn more.

Thriving at Work: Well-Being and Productivity

Live a life filled with less stress, greater well-being, and enhanced productivity by learning how to make transformational changes. Continue your Thrive journey and discover how to go from coping and surviving to actually thriving. In this course, Arianna Huffington and Joey Hubbard—the director of trainings at Thrive Global—discuss how well-being can contribute to your productivity and success at work.

Note: This course was featured in Market Watch, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Click here to learn more.

Effective Listening

Listening is a critical competency, whether you are interviewing for your first job or leading a Fortune 500 company. Surprisingly, relatively few working professionals have ever had any formal training in how to listen effectively. In this course, communications experts Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes show how to assess your current listening skills, understand the challenges to effective listening (such as distractions!), and develop behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener—and a better colleague, mentor, and friend. Click here to learn more.

Need Help or Have Questions?

LinkedIn Learning platform: Contact the LinkedIn support page.

Other questions: Contact Talent & Inclusion at learning@wpi.edu or talent@wpi.edu