Learning Academy

On-Demand Learning

The WPI Learning Academy is powered by SkillSoft’s Percipio platform. This dynamic learning management system (LMS) provides employees with access to a robust repository of learning experiences including; videos, books, audiobooks, white papers, journals and much more. Topic areas including compliance, professional development, management, and leadership skills are offered in a variety of formats to suit your preferences. WPI Learning Academy is also personalized to your unique development needs, based on your indicated content interests as well as by learning from the courses and resources you access. 

We invite you to explore the full library of world-class learning experiences, which are as short as 15 minutes or as long as several hours. These convenient courses are readily available as resources to aide in your professional growth and development at WPI.

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Accessing Percipio from Mobile Devices

Percipio is convenient and easy to access--even if you're away from your office. Use the button below to find  instructions on how to access the WPI Learning Academy from your mobile devices.