Michelle Jones-Johnson

Michelle Jones-Johnson

Vice President for Talent & Inclusion / Chief Diversity Officer
Human Resources

Michelle Jones-Johnson is an innovative human capital strategist, with an outstanding reputation as a visionary and responsive leader. In this role, Jones-Johnson is focused on creating comprehensive and consultative approaches to attract, develop and retain diverse talent across the Institute. Read her full bio.

<a href="/people/staff/echojnowski">Eric Chojnowski</a>

Eric Chojnowski

Benefits Manager
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-6677
Eric Chojnowski is responsible for the management and administration of all benefits at WPI including; time off, leaves of absence, health, dental and vision plans, retirement, and work related injuries. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/maclancy">Meredith Clancy</a>

Meredith Clancy

Talent Operations Analyst
Meredith Clancy is responsible for providing administrative and Workday systems support across all functions of the HR, Talent and Inclusion Division including payroll, benefits, employment, training and recruitment. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/kecoffey">Kristan Coffey</a>

Kristan Coffey

Director, Talent & HR
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-4680
Kristan Coffey provides day to day consulting and support to managers and employees in all areas of human resources including; employee relations, labor relations compensation, discrimination and compliance.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/costello">Lori Costello</a>

Lori Costello

Payroll Manager
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-5877
Lori Costello oversees the payroll department at WPI.  Lori and her team process payroll for all faculty, staff and students, issue W-2s and provide verifications of employment.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/dcroke">David Croke</a> alt
David Croke

David Croke

Assoc Dir, Div Effectiveness
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-6659
Dave Croke is responsible for division reporting and metrics as well as support of third party HR systems.  View Profile
Will is responsible for providing guidance/support in multiple areas with a primary focus on: talent acquisition, benefits, diversity and inclusion. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/ginaferraro">Gina Ferraro</a>

Gina Ferraro

Senior Executive Administrator
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-4668
Gina Ferraro assists the vice president for Talent and Inclusion, supports staffing, employee referrals, and oversees operations of the talent and inclusion office. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/rcgardner">Roxanne Gardner</a>

Roxanne Gardner

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
Roxanne Gardner is responsible for supporting all facets of talent acquisition throughout the institution including the development of best practices, recruiting and sourcing plans, innovative recruiting approaches and targeted recruiting strategies to enhance our diverse workforce. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/jagraves">Jennifer Graves</a>

Jennifer Graves

Compensation and Benefits Analyst
 Jennifer Graves supports university-wide compensation and talent programs including the analysis, design, implementation and administration of competitive compensation programs which are innovative, compliant, cost effective and which support WPI’s strategic talent objectives of attracting and retaining top talent across the institution. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/rhanna">Rame Hanna</a> alt
Director of Diversity & Inclusive Excellence

Rame Hanna

Director for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
Rame serves as the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence responsible for guiding and leading institution-wide efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Guided by principles of inclusive excellence and social justice, Rame seeks to foster an inclusive campus climate that embraces intersectional identities, promotes diverse critical knowledge, and centers the lived experiences of marginalized communities to ensure that all belong and can thrive. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/cmboursiquot">Christelle Hayles</a>

Christelle Hayles

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Christelle Hayles is responsible for institutional diversity and inclusion efforts, including program creation and coordination, administrative support, and instrumental support for WPI’s Project Inclusion initiative. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/lapierre">Jane Lapierre</a>

Jane Lapierre

Talent & HR Ops Coordinator
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-4114
Jane Lapierre is responsible for employment processing (including hire, onboarding, changes to pay and positions), payroll and benefit questions, time tracking, and transactions in Workday.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/amills">Alicia Mills</a>

Alicia Mills

Director, Organizational Learning and Development
Alicia is responsible for partnering with internal stakeholders to execute learning and development programs to support individual contributors, leadership, and employee engagement and ensuring that all training strategies and plans are in full alignment with, and supportive of overall divisional and institutional strategy, goals, and outcomes. View Profile

Heather Mulry

Talent & HR Partner
Heather is responsible for providing guidance/support in training and development, employee relations, compensation administration, HR communications, and recognition programs. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/msikazwe">Mayase Sikazwe</a> alt
Mayase Sikazwe

Mayase Sikazwe

Payroll Specialist II
Office: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-5594
Mayase Sikazwe is responsible for processing faculty, staff, student payroll. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/jtheriault">Julie Theriault</a>

Julie Theriault

Human Resources Assistant
Office: Boynton Hall
Julie is the first point of contact for employees, applicants, vendors and visitors in the Division of Talent and Inclusion for HR-related activities and interactions.  View Profile


Jonathan Stewart

Title IX Coordinator

 https://www.wpi.edu/offices/title-ix                         EmailjstewartTitleIX@wpi.edu

Office: Campus Center, Room 234                               Phone: Ext. 6514

John is responsible for Title IX complaints, questions, and trainings.