WPI Start-Ups

WPI Start-Up Companies in FY 2021: With over 100 Employees and $130,000,000 capital raised; WPI innovators are hard at work. 

Companies that got their start here on campus:



Students Gain Foothold with New Athletic Shoe Sole

Sports shoe designed to protect athletes from ACL tears and other non-contact knee and ankle injuries; Student team receives more than $400,000 from angel investment group to develop prototype and test performance

Charging Ahead

Lithium-ion batteries power electronics and electric vehicles, but very few of these ubiquitous energy storage devices are ever recycled due to challenges related to their chemistry. A new company, based on research by WPI mechanical engineer Yan Wang, may be the first to bring a viable recycling technology to market. And it all began with a friendship and a hunch.

A Virtual Lab for Learning

Currently a professor at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education, Janie Gobert and two of her WPI graduate students, Michael Sao Pedro and Cameron Betts, started Apprendis, LLC. The company develops digital materials for performance assessment of skills in science, including the Inq-ITS (Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System).


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