Fuller Labs 133
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BS Dartmouth College 1989
MS Columbia University 1990
PhD Columbia University 1996

Computer programming makes it possible to solve problems that otherwise could never be attempted. You can create worlds that could never be possible and help make this world a better place. Most of my professional and personal accomplishments were possible directly because of my understanding and practice of computer programming. For me, programming led me to appreciate fundamental concepts in computer science and directed me to major in CS. I've always been passionate about the possibilities of computer programming; this forms the basis for all of my teaching. At WPI, I teach students about software engineering, which sets the standard of professional excellence and demonstrates how students can be "more than just programmers." These projects all revolve around a software development project whose complexity forces students to adopt best practices and grow professionally. In both my undergraduate and graduate classes, I am able to challenge students to complete tasks expected of software professionals in industry, and this lets me train them for whatever jobs await them.

Professional Highlights & Honors
WPI Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching , 2022