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2022 Annual Awards Honor WPI Faculty and Staff

May 3, 2022

During the month of April, members of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute faculty and staff were honored for their achievements and service to the university. This year’s faculty awards were announced April 29 at the annual Faculty Honors Convocation; staff honors were announced April 12 at an employee town hall.

Michael Elmes, professor in The Business School, was awarded the Chair’s Exemplary Faculty Prize. The prize recognizes faculty members who excel at teaching, research, scholarship, and advising.

George Heineman, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, received the Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Teaching. The award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching coupled with outstanding professional contributions.

Dmitry Korkin, professor in the Department of Computer Science, received the Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship. The award honors outstanding teaching, research and creative scholarship, academic advising, and service to the community.

Zoe Reidinger, associate teaching professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, received the Denise Nicoletti Trustees’ Award for Service to the Community. The award is named for the first tenure-track female faculty member in WPI’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, who also was co-founder of Camp Reach, a summer engineering and science program for girls.

Alexander Wyglinski, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received the Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising. The award honors faculty members for the role they play in guiding and mentoring students.

Catherine Whittington and Ahmet Can Sabuncu were named recipients of the Romeo L. Moruzzi Young Faculty Award. Whittington is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Sabuncu is an assistant teaching professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The award recognizes innovation in undergraduate education by young faculty members.

Colleen Callahan-Panday, director of International Student Life, and Teresa Geddis, administrative assistant in the Academic Advising Office, were honored with Board of Trustees’ Awards for Outstanding Staff Member

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Michael B. Elmes

Michael B. Elmes


Since arriving at WPI in 1990, I have framed my role in the classroom as helping technically-minded students to become more cognizant and mindful of the complex human and behavioral dimensions of life in organizations. I have done this in a variety of ways from experiential exercises to digital storytelling to classroom-as-organization designs.

George T. Heineman

George T. Heineman

Associate Professor

Computer programming makes it possible to solve problems that otherwise could never be attempted. You can create worlds that could never be possible and help make this world a better place. Most of my professional and personal accomplishments were possible directly because of my understanding and practice of computer programming. For me, programming led me to appreciate fundamental concepts in computer science and directed me to major in CS. I've always been passionate about the possibilities of computer programming; this forms the basis for all of my teaching.

Dmitry  Korkin

Dmitry Korkin

Professor-Computer Science

My research is interdisciplinary and spans the fields of bioinformatics of complex disease, computational genomics, systems biology, and biomedical data analytics. We bring expertise in machine learning, data mining and massive data analytics to study molecular mechanisms underlying genetic disorders, such as cancer, diabetes, and autism, and deadly infections, such as pandemic flu. Our approaches benefit from integrating Next Generation Sequencing, high-throughput interactomics, and structural biology data.

Zoe  Reidinger

Amanda Zoe Reidinger

Associate Teaching Professor-Engineering

My areas of interest and enthusiasm lie in biomaterial fabrication and tissue engineering. Bringing this enthusiasm to the classroom is easy with WPI’s focus on undergraduate education and project-based learning. My goal as an instructor is to lead students to higher levels of thinking and understanding by slowly increasing the depth of the course to engage more complex learning behaviors.

Catherine Faye Whittington

Catherine F. Whittington

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on combining bio-instructive biomaterials with cells to design 3D tissue-engineered platforms for regenerative medicine, disease modeling, improved predictability of therapeutic outcomes, and as translatable technologies for clinic and industry.

Ahmet Can Sabuncu

Ahmet Can Sabuncu

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Sabuncu holds a Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering from Old Dominion University. Dr. Sabuncu’s professional interests is thermo-fluids engineering including microfluidic applications. He is also interested in dielectric spectroscopy of cells and tissues since 2009. His research in engineering education focuses on development of online laboratory exercises and use of Internet of Things & artificial intellegence in engineering education.

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